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  1. I used to hang in the Gold thread, but then I sold my GA comics to buy a house. Now I still hang in the Gold thread.
  2. Always nice to see one of these without the black ink smudge on Cap's face.
  3. By this, do you mean "not a first appearance of the modern age Night Nurse character?"
  4. I think a lot of this boils down to the rights to the individual films have pretty much all reverted to Toho. They have become very activist about the films being shown in their "original versions." (In many cases the US distributors made alterations beyond just dubbing the films.) Also, in some cases Toho does not necessarily own the audio from the English dubs. I personally know nothing about streaming, but if it's a situation where only one audio track can be included, I can definitely see Toho defaulting to the Japanese version due to their current corporate philosophy. I believe Criterion recently released a set of the first 15 Godzilla films, and only a few included an English dub option, at the insistence of Toho.
  5. I did like me some Perez AVENGERS circa 1976-7. That crossover with SUPER-VILLAIN TEAM-UP was my gateway to Marvel. I prefer Byrne's writing to his art.
  6. This! Season One was meh, and the first half of Season Two was AWFUL. Nothing happened. I stuck with the show for entirely too long. Finally bailed out about two years ago because I had honeyd!ck fatigue. Entire episodes would go by, DARING you to believe something might actually happen, only to have ten seconds of excitement at the end and a cliffhanger. Plus increasingly preposterous characters and storylines, like tiger-guy, or the trash-people who spoke broken English like they were born into and spent their entire lives in a post-apocalyptic environment with no adults to teach them grammar. Then that spin-off series which was risible right out of the gate. I was embarrassed to watch the show, and am embarrassed that I am still curious about what happened in the years that I have missed, but on the one or two occasions that I would try to pick up where I left off, I would feel like such a chump that the humiliation would keep me from coming back. The show made me feel like a mark, not a viewer or fan.
  7. Nice one. I knew it was based on Peter Cushing, but didn't realize it was taken from a specific photo.
  8. Seems like Estrada's girl from the cover of FALLING IN LOVE #99 is also on the cover of #104 (in a far more conventional design.) http://www.mikesamazingworld.com/mikes/features/comic.php?comicid=9985
  9. Impressive! I do like the cover for YOUNG LOVE #68, but also that is the start of the "Lisa St. Claire" series, which is sort of the earliest DC romance ongoing series that I've found personally interesting. "Cindy the Salesgirl," which started a few months earlier, not so much (for instance.) I don't really care for the go-go check aesthetic, so I have been collecting stuff from 1968 forward. I have 1972 and up completed, although having read one or two of the gothic issues, they are not for me (which is odd because I am a horror nut.)
  10. Hey, regarding DC in general, I fell like YOUNG ROMANCE #179 is kind of significant because of That Strange Girl, "the story they dared us to print!" Interesting to see them tapdance around lesbianism for nine pages. Must also confess to picking up SUPERGIRL #3 and 6. The cover of the third issue particularly tickles me, as it seems to be trying to slip a slightly outre' visual pun under the radar.
  11. Thanks for asking. I'm collecting YOUNG LOVE #68 up. Have #96-126 and a few others. I guess my problem is that I am a cheapskate but still a little picky about condition. Not a great combo. There's sort of an amount I'll pay for a nice copy and an amount I'll pay for a mediocre copy, and I'm not finding too many in either category anymore. I guess if I get to the point where I "need" for the process to go faster, I'll have to bump up what I'm willing to pay.
  12. This might be my "favorite" Charlton cover--SWEETHEARTS #135. Unusual subject matter. http://www.mikesamazingworld.com/mikes/features/comic.php?comicid=79170
  13. YOUNG LOVE is great! It's also the DC title I'm having the most difficulty completing.
  14. Wow, beautiful stuff, Mtlevy. How would everyone rank the overall output of the various companies? I can't help but love the Marvel stuff, as they used so many of my favorite artists. I tried collecting the DC and Charlton 70s romance comics, but eventually focused just on DC because I found the interiors so much more satisfying than Charlton (although I did hold on to some of the weirder ones.) Yes, I read them...
  15. If you are a "cover collector," those four issues of Skywald's TENDER LOVE STORIES are great! Each has one new story and a bunch of dusty reprints.
  16. Oh, has interest been increasing? I must confess to being a fan ever since Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #11 came out circa 1981. Yeah, it's those colors...
  17. This is precisely how I feel as well.
  18. Well, I love these comics. I am missing a few of the "text" magazines, but otherwise have them all. Just finished my second read-through of the whole lot a few months ago. They maybe aren't consistently great, but they are very enjoyable. I'm not too proud to say that I have been fantasizing for about a year now about making a movie based on the Atlas line. It will be interesting to see if these Paramount films come to fruition.