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  1. Mainly because I've seen slabs before that were damaged by humidity and this is exactly how they look. Also I don't feel like the book should be a 2.5. The water damage is so hard to photograph, but if you could see it, I think you'd agree the book is more like a 1.8. Appreciate the advice so far, but the main thing I'm asking is should I get it pressed and re-slabbed. Removing the restoration is a much smaller concern. Thanks agian, Graht
  2. Hi, I was looking at my copy of Amazing Spider-Man #2 today and noticed that it appears to have some humidity damage. I'm pretty sure this damage occurred after the comic was slabbed, but before I purchased it. The damage is very hard to photograph, but I've done the best I can. Anywhere you see lines of reflected light are places where the comic has become "wavy" due to moisture. It's wayyyyy too late for me to get a refund or anything like that. So I would love some advice from you experts on what makes the most sense to do next. Should I: 1) Send it to CGC to have it pressed, re-graded, and re-slabbed (note that there are no dropoff opportunities anywhere near me, so this will have to be done through the mail) 2) Do #1 AND see if they can remove the restoration--which I don't know anything about, I bought it like this and the seller didn't provide further info 3) Remove it from the slab myself and cut my losses 4) Something else entirely Any help or advice you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Grant