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  1. My 50 card bulk order was received 2 weeks ago and just sent out today. At $12 a card I'm a super impressed. Meanwhile I sent a order two PSA at the same time ($50 per card) and it is still waiting to be graded. Guess where I'm sending my next grading order too? If CSG can keep this performance up PSA better watch out...
  2. they just put it in the grading stage so they can take your money. From my emails with customer service it it sounds like grading/encapsulation/imaging to shipping takes four months
  3. My credit card got charged last week by CSG for several large bulk orders that were delivered in early May. I just emailed customer service and the response I got was that I might see them back in January or February 2022. So I get the cards 3 to 4 months after I make payment! That’s really aggressive billing practices. Do any of the other card grading companies (PSA, BGS, SGC) do anything even near the equivalent to that? Has anyone else been charged recently for bulk order and how long after payment did you finally get the cards back in hand?
  4. Have you considered trying to cross over with PSA to get best value?
  5. Is CSG now accepting extra thick cards? National treasures RPA’s et cetera...