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  1. Low ball offers are annoying. You could be proactive and set minimum best offer requirements avoiding the annoyance. Though you can’t set a minimum on counteroffers.
  2. Those Millar Fantastic Four’s are real easy to spot and maybe the only time you can tell a newsstand vs direct by looking where the barcode and title are. If they’re on top it’s a newsstand.
  3. Yes, I mistakenly stated 133 when it’s in fact 134.
  4. New X-Men #126 Newsstand. First appearance of Kid Omega, he appears on the cover only. His next appearance in NXM134 he appears fully. Paid $9.71. I also think this is the best X-Men run ever
  5. Or they could get rid of BS Qualified grades!? If a books missing a stamp then it’s missing a stamp. It shouldn’t be graded as if it didn’t have a major defect.
  6. They are scammers. They actually hijack accounts and list a ton of keys. I run across them constantly and report them to eBay.
  7. If you’re blocking someone for making a lowball offer you should also block yourself. Why? Because you can set a minimum best offer and avoid lowball offers.
  8. You can setup your account to block new accounts or set a level that’s acceptable to you.
  9. I picked up two more copies of GR28 from the same seller. This morning. Really nice, clean copies.
  10. Thanks, I only wish the variant cover was in newsstand, as that features the character on the cover. It’s been on my list for several years and I’ve forgotten the characters name. It’s the Tibetan GR if I remember correctly. The Gen13 book is the first appearance of The Planetary characters. It’s an original story that only appears in this issue and C-23 #6, not including the collected editions. Which is one of my all time favorite series.
  11. eBay doesn’t allow sellers to leave negative feedback for buyers. It’s not even an option and if a seller left a negative comment for a deadbeat buyer they can contact eBay to have it removed. So feedback isn’t reliable.
  12. eBay does give your phone number to both buyers and sellers. So it’s possible he’s trying to text you.
  13. I have quite a few of these already but it’s a book I’ll always pick up.