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  1. I was notified by my comic shop on June 12th that my two books are SFG. FYI - They were redirected to Wolfman. I'm honestly excited to get these books back signed by Wolfman with the Perez label.
  2. 2 Perez signing books redirected to Wolfman are scheduled for grading as of June 12th. CCS on both.
  3. The comic shop I use for CGC notified me June 12th that my books were scheduled for grading. FYI - I chose the Wolfman signing option.
  4. I submitted books through my LCS and they are waiting on email replies from CGC too. Hopefully everything will work itself out.
  5. I sent in DC Comics Presents 26 CGC 8.0 and Tales of new TT 44. Custom label was a must.
  6. Got this book back over the summer and completely forgot that I asked for advice. It came back as a 4.5. No change after a press.
  7. 7.5-8.0 I say Hold. Wait to see the next trailer. Could be a long term spec if Shang Chi will be in the next version of the Avengers.
  8. I was shocked but well received. My shop pressed the hell out of the book.
  9. My plan is to open up the case (it's already cracked), press/clean, then submit to CGC. I'm looking for guidance of is it worth the effort? I apologize if I wasn't clear. The LCS I use for CGC has a pretty good presser. Nice one stop shop.
  10. Press that and hope for a 9.6. My 9.6 has a few small ticks on the back cover.
  11. Won this at an auction. The slab is cracked and needs to be replaced. The book was graded at a 4.5. The grader's notes are creases front cover breaks color spine wear & stress breaks color moisture ripples front & back cover light stains back cover Will a press and clean push it to a 5.0+ at CGC? What grade would it earn?
  12. I submitted 3 books through my shop on 9/25 and they were mailed 9/28. 2 of the books (both modern) returned two weeks ago but the golden age book is still 'scheduled for grading'. Is there an extra delay for golden age books?
  13. People are sitting on a lot of extra cash. Instead of letting it sit in a savings account earning paltry rates, a comic collector can put their money to work by submitting books. That's my theory plus what I've started to do since April.
  14. Thanks. I decided to have my shop press it before sending it in.
  15. I'm sending this one in tomorrow. I'm hoping for a minimum of a 9.0. Will a pressing get me there?