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  1. Woah... hold up.. Isnt the 15 Pac Coast a 9.8 with White Pages?? If I am not mistaken, the Pacific Coast collection contained muliple copies of the same issues; therefore you can have PC copies of the same books, but with different grades.
  2. Congratulation on the 9.4 white paged X-men 15, Casey. It is a very nice book. The only reason I gave it up was because someone waved a Pacific Coast copy under my nose. (thumbs u
  3. Okay, Herr Doctor. That makes sense. I guess it would be pretty nitpicky for me to point out that the hairstyle in the silhouette looks a lot more like Jean's flip than it does like Lorelei's long tresses... CG Artistic license?
  4. Hey Cycle Girl, The girl in the machine is Magneto's latest artificial mutant, Lorelei. Who puts all men under her spell with her siren like song. So, Jean being a woman and thus immune, saves the men and therefore the day.
  5. You need sunglasses to look at that. Excellents colors. (thumbs u
  6. You're right. A smile is just a frown turned upside down. It all makes sense now.
  7. Casey, you're just sore because you number two....again. However, you're still my favorite competition. There is no one I would rather see ahead of me (or behind, ha ha) on that set than you. Cut me some slack, I've had a bad day. I still don't have a number one, so you are still burnin' my on that one.
  8. A 9.6 wp 29 and a 9.6 wp 55. This means the 9.4 55 will be up for sale.
  9. All of the Neal Adams covers on the 60s numbered X-books turned out very well.
  10. Very nice book Casey. At least I have a whole year to catch up with you. Congratulations, Doctor Watson