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  1. Since we're sharing some Spawnuary entries, this was mine, Scorched in the Battle of Troy
  2. We're not allowed to promote other grading companies here, but there is an option for this beyond CGC. Google is your friend.
  3. Been awhile since I posted anything here, so here's a few, including a custom shortbox
  4. My artist account has been down since yesterday- account #S40977AA
  5. Thanks for the info. I will adjust accordingly. Appreciate it!
  6. Bought a stack of ASMs this week, decided to do a revison on a mid-grade 282 today for fun
  7. Probably 75% of the books I've gotten back in the last 6 months have either had significant Newton rings, scratches on the case, or both. I don't bother sending them back, just takes too much time/ effort.
  8. Mine just moved to GEI today so hopefully you see some movement on yours soon as well
  9. Both De La Rosa subs have shipped Both sigs and remarques of Last Ronin are now GEI Suayan is GEI Only Jock left now, seen alot of movement the last week
  10. One De La Rosa sub has now shipped, other at QC. They were supposed to ship together but whatever
  11. Romita JR and Hanna from an IG giveaway last summer
  12. Not sure if there's another thread with just sketches, but thought I'd share this one. Romita Jr/ Hanna sketch I won on an Instagram Giveaway last summer, just arrived yesterday.
  13. Mico Suayan - SFG De La Rosa - SFG Last Ronin - SFG Jock - SFG All have been SFG for weeks/ months. No CCS on any. Will update if/ when these change.
  14. I over-graded quite a bit this round, don't know what I was thinking. That last round knocked me from 3rd place overall to somewhere near the bottom in one shot. I've been consistently undergrading compared to CGC in each round until the last one and am usually only off by a grade or 2, not 5-6 grades on a single book. 1st round? 5 points. 2nd round? 2 points. 3rd round? 16 freaking points lol.
  15. Grades are in. I feel like my scores are either going to be super close to the actuals, or waayyy far off lol.
  16. Venomized terminator I did for an IG art tournament last weekend, figured I'd share
  17. Any magazine submitters in the house? Curious what the actual TAT on those are
  18. And then there's this, which I paid waaaayyyy too much for, but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Sold 5 other remarked books and a 9.8 Iron Man 282 to pay for it but it was worth it.
  19. Clayton Crain remark and sig on the outside of a slab. I've heard of people doing this before, but haven't come across any in the wild. Picked it up just because I love Crain's work and the price was very reasonable. Hope the paint doesn't flake off over time lol.