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  1. Unacceptable. You have cost me over $400 in FMV on a collectible and months of time. "Oops, here's your $75" a few months later is not OK. I understand you are the front line rep and have no control over this. Please pass along to whoever you report to that this is not an acceptable remedy, and I will not be paying for this order at all if it is not able to be completed in full. I'm happy to ship you your plastic cases as soon as you provide payment for those shipping costs. EDIT: After escalating the call, I was able to come to terms of an acceptable agreement for remediation with the team. Thank you.
  2. FYI, your customer service agent told me to send an email and you would get to it "when we can". Completely unacceptable. I sent the requested photo, even though your own invoice clearly shows what happened. "When we can" is a pretty callous and flippant response. I've asked for a plan for remediation to be sent within 48 hours or I am filing a claim for a fraudulent charge for the entire order. You've already cost me hundreds of dollars by not having this book back to me by the movie release and conventions that week. If the ask is that I send back your plastic cases, that's fine. I can do that. But I'm not paying you for an incomplete order. If you are unable to make my order complete and whole as we agreed to when we entered into this purchase agreement, I expect at the minimum, a full refund, not a partial one. That's the least you guys could do for a careless mistake like this. "Whoops, our bad. We know it took a few months of your life and cost you money in the end, but whatevs, here's your $75 once we get around to it" is a terrible response. Even if that were that case at any other business, it would have been handled then and there on the phone. I've already had to wait months to find out you won't be providing the services or fulfilling the order as advertised and paid for, now I have to wait days longer to even begin discussing a solution. I'm really struggling to see how to repair this relationship and situation at the moment. It's like every step, I feel disrespected more, which shouldn't happen as a customer. I understand I am one little tiny drop in an ocean of customers and me no longer using your business will affect you hardly at all. But c'mon, you guys can do better. I hope you honestly do in the future for the next person something like this happens to. We send you our personal collectibles and trust you'll take care of them. We send you items we use in business and trust that you will take care of them. We use your service vs. your competitors because of the added value your brand brings. When you make mistakes like this, it isn't "just" $75 that people are losing. It's the lost potential revenues. It's the lost time. It's the lost trust that you are actually handling my collectible with respect.
  3. Yeah, unfortunately, my plan was to sell this book at Fan Expo or sooner right around the movie release. It's value is going to drop afterward like most of them do. CGC has easily cost me $400 or more at this point with this blunder. The idea that this will take months to fix is unacceptable to me. I really wish CBCS wasn't run by a bunch of clowns so that CGC would have actual competition and would have to value us as customers. For the record, I did call them and was told "I can't help you. You'll have to send an email and we'll get to it when we can." Again, unacceptable. I had to send them a picture of the book, even though it's clear on their own invoice what happened. And I couldn't even send that to someone who could help. I had to send to the same guy who couldn't help so he could forward it on when he found the time and CGC plans to get back to me "when we can". I sent them the requested email and photo evidence and told them to get back to me within 48 hours with a plan to address it or I'm calling the entire charge fraudulent and filing a charge back claim. I really hope the new leadership at CBCS takes them in a direction where they are a true 1:1 competitor and CGC has to finally value us as customers.
  4. Crossposting per a suggestion from a user in that thread. Would love some sort of solution from CGC that can get my order completed in a timely manner.
  5. The book is in my hands as we speak. It is blue labeled and there is no signature anywhere on it. It's almost like a double slap in the face. Like every step of their QC failed. They didn't get it signed, and then graded it and shipped it back in the same tier when they always make you pay that extra $$$ for shipping across tiers. Even to have it redone, they'd have to crack it, and then they'd blame me if the grade was suddenly lower. This company is lucky CBCS is so inept. Sorry, that's a lot of vitriol when you were just asking an honest question to be helpful and trying to put a positive spin on things. Please don't take it towards you. I'm just immensely disappointed and frustrated right now. I've wasted two months of time and lost out on hundreds of dollars at this point.
  6. The order info is below. The third book listed was not signed and I was billed for it as such. So now I am out my signed book, and my money, and will likely not be able to get a replacement during this calendar year or lifetime, but a simple refund and even that I can't get communication about. All in all, really frustrating. To top it off, no one answers the phone, and the expectation is to have a convoluted email exchange in order to sort it out. Who ever is running this system, if you could please refund my money ASAP, I'd appreciate it. For anyone who asks, the books were all in the same order. You can see that on the invoice below. The paper invoice in the box lists the $75 dollar charge for all three books. They were all window bagged the same. They all had their cut out identifiers behind the backing board. I even made a YouTube video where you can see it as I was explaining to other people how to make window bags for CGC, and explicitly showed them how to include all of these steps. Cut the video to the 0717 mark. You can see all of these steps done and in place. Submission #4044834 Status: Shipped Order #: CGC1659271997 Received: 4/13/22 Shipped: 6/8/22 001 Wonder Girl 6 2/22 D.C. Comics Variant Cover Signature 9.8 WHITE SIGNED BY STANLEY ""ARTGERM"" LAU ON 5/23/22 002 Life of Captain Marvel 1 9/18 Marvel Comics Variant Edition Signature 9.0 WHITE SIGNED BY STANLEY ""ARTGERM"" LAU ON 5/23/22 003 Mighty Thor 705 5/18 Marvel Comics Lau Variant Cover Modern 9.8 WHITE
  7. Couple of questions. In the cgc news for the event it looked like I could get a double sig with tynion and dell'edera but that option isn't there. Does that mean it's sold out already? Second question is I want to get a double sig and a remark by simmonds on the same book how can I make that happen? Do I just create separate invoices for the same book? Will cgc know that's what I want to do? Thanks. Super excited for this one but not sure how to get the form to work.
  8. I asked about the “Scheduled for grading” status. I had two orders both go from not even received( but signed for) straight to “Scheduled for grading”. They’ve been in that state for weeks. I think they’re skipping received on orders now and going straight to scheduled. It’d be nice if that “scheduled” status came with a countdown to know where you were in line. I also have an Eastman sig series last ronin that’s been in “grading” for over 2 weeks. 1 book. Never been read. 2 weeks of grading. I’m hoping it’s an internal argument over 9.9 vs. 10. I can’t imagine at this point what’s taking so long.
  9. I tried searching to see if I missed this, but couldn’t find anything: Do you still use the received status before the scheduled for grading status? My last two submissions showed up directly in the scheduled for grading status, and I’m wondering if that’s accurate.
  10. Hello, quick question. I have a few shipments for the cates signing. 2 of them are scheduled for grading, and one of them the status hasn't changed. The odd one out is an already slabbed book and is getting a remark. CGC3228686846. Not sure how sig series works so just a little worried. Any info would be helpful for this excited customer. Thanks!
  11. Wow. That’s awesome! That’s great for customers and probably a lot more work on your end. Thanks so much for the answer!
  12. If my submission had value and modern comics, will the modern comics ship when finished, or will they have to wait for the extended time for the value comics to finish? if they have to wait, is there anyway I can adjust my order and pay the extra shipping fee of 20$ or whatever to have my modern comics shipped sooner?