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  1. Does CSG have an option for grading Booklet Cards?
  2. I’m hoping to see them at a Tampa or Orando Show since I’m from Florida and they’re based in Florida too. I love the slabs and believe it will start catching up.
  3. It does add to the value if you get perfect 10s. But besides that, some people just like to see what each aspect graded at, all my cards have been with sub grades.
  4. Hello, Does a CGC, or CSG phone app exist? Or maybe potentially in the future? It would be nice to have an app to check the forums and to also check on the submissions in the account.
  5. I sent two cards that got delivered on April 29 and were officially logged into the system and are in the grading stage as of July 1st. I got billed on July 11. It was a standard order and I didn’t put ST on any sides so I’m not sure how I got lucky.
  6. Hello, in regards to the new thick cases announcement. In the announcement post it lists some sets that thick cases can apply to, I have some basketball cards from Panini Impeccable and Panini Noir that I didn’t see listed in the post and I wanted to know if those can be graded with these new cases too.
  7. I got a card I want to send through express but this scares me
  8. If I were to send cards in to grading through the Express or Walkthrough tier, would I write out that tier on the outside of the package for it to be identifiable? Or is there another method you use to identify it?
  9. In regards to crossovers from other slabs to CSG, do you accept WCG slabs for crossovers?
  10. I meant manually write in the Form, not the forum.
  11. Hello, Recently, I pulled some cards out of packs that I would like to get graded. One of them is a thicker autograph card that I believe can't be graded yet, but just wanted to confirm. The other two are from the new NFL Select set the NBA Prizm set. Since they are new, they don't appear on the submission form of sets so I just wanted to confirm if I manually write the set and number on the forum. Thanks for the help you can provide. I've attached images so you can see what I'm referring to.
  12. Hello, I am considering sending a handful of cards for grading, maybe around 3-5. This being my first time I wanted to ask what was the recommended Service I should choose and how I would go about doing so. I don't mind waiting for turnaround either. Thank you for your help in advance.