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  1. Thanks! Would it be possible to send as a mechanical error to revert back to the Green label 10, and then reholder to the new Pristine 10?
  2. If an old green label CSG Pristine 10 was reholdered as a 2.0 CSG 10 (when Pristines were removed), are those still eligible for the new 3.0 CSG Pristine 10, now that the Pristine grades are back?
  3. What % have the brittle ink? (Thinking about sending mine in once the slab solution is confirmed)
  4. https://www.cgccards.com/news/article/10242/fee-shipping-updates/
  5. About PSA vs CGC submitters, I can only speak to my own experience. My PSA friends are generally more familiar with grading, evaluating/buying raw cards, and carefully only sending the "best" cards. They are not sending every pack-fresh hit to make the 50-card bulk rate. I also believe CGC has adjusted their standards the last year. CGC used to be overly harsh imo, and a majority of the 9s should be 9.5 or better. I've cracked and resubbed a bunch of 9s with 70% getting upgraded. So my point is, I think in a year or two these POP reports may become more aligned.
  6. Funny that the ad shows a sports card graded as a CGC 10
  7. Wow, that's super interesting! I'd image people are more careful with what they're sending to PSA and possibly spending more time reviewing/cleaning cards. But those numbers are ridiculous, haha. I'd love to see more comparisons like this to other sets
  8. Perfect 10s on the Japanese CHR cards are somewhat common (around 10%) so being first to market you'll probably get above market value before the price comes down
  9. I'm curious about this too. CSG removed the Pristine 10 tier and all Gem Mint 9.5 cards will become Gem Mint 10. What's the chance CGC will follow this grading scale change?
  10. You can see the original CGC holder here: https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/8436/cgc-trading-cards-holder/ Updated holder introduced for CSG here: https://www.csgcards.com/card-grading/holder-label/
  11. That order was paid up front. It's hard to say but it seems once you're charged the order will move to QC in the next few weeks.
  12. Form is frustrating to use, especially for soccer, because a lot of modern sets aren't in the system yet...
  13. I emailed support ~4 weeks ago and never got a response. I'd like to know if the following are mechanical errors or done as intended. 1. Wrong attribute listed. This was not included in the submission form. Cristiano Ronaldo "Infinite" - https://www.csgcards.com/certlookup/1000169018/ 2. Attribute missing for "Nameplate Color Variation". This was included in the submission form. Cristiano Ronaldo "Red" - https://www.csgcards.com/certlookup/1000169008/ Kai Havertz "Grey" - https://www.csgcards.com/certlookup/1001232006/ Kevin de Bruyne "Orange" - https://www.csgcards.com/certlookup/1001232004/ Kylian Mbappe "Purple" - https://www.csgcards.com/certlookup/1001232001/ 3. Attribute missing for "Parallel Color". This was included in the submission form. Raul Ruidiaz "Black" - https://www.csgcards.com/certlookup/1000169020/ Thanks for the help!
  14. I feel like it'll be a while before they get through the massive mid-February submission block. Remember, first price increase was 2/16 and everyone rushed a sub the week before.
  15. I like the concept but not a fan of the formatting, colors, or terminology. Are you open to suggestions?
  16. Thanks for the advice, now we all feel much better.
  17. Took around two hours to enter 7 cards. Guess I'll finish tomorrow. Maybe if I call and complain enough they will honor the previous price...
  18. Crazy. CSG submission form was fine but CGC is completely broken
  19. Good to know! Has there been an announcement yet?
  20. A lot of people call them "banned" but really they mean "censored"
  21. Your first clue should be that only base Charizard shows up in the system for Korean. For non-English cards, you have to check the list to see what's supported. https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/8633/pokemon-cards-graded/
  22. https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/8633/pokemon-cards-graded/ They only grade Korean base set
  23. Standard w/ sub-grades (5 cards) Received: 2/15 Scheduled for grading: 3/17