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  1. I would be also interested. I have a few Malkin KHL cards that would be considered a pre-rookie I guess
  2. I cut some perforated cards and they were sent back ungraded. I have also sent some that were "pulled" apart and have had some graded/some not. Not sure the process they are using to determine eligibility.
  3. I have had a number of perforated cards come back as "evidence of trimming" or minimum size. I have also had a few grade as AU authentic. Some were precut. Others I tore/cut myself. There was no pattern to what they eventually graded vs sent back raw.
  4. If it was marked as received in the system then that is abnormal. If it was marked received to the facility as in delivered by Fedex/USPS then that sounds about right.
  5. When was it marked received? Bulk is around 6 months. For $12/card I don't know how anyone can be that upset or surprised in this current card climate.
  6. Awesome. I have a bulk marked 6/18. Hopefully leaves for me by the end of the week. Still in G/E/I
  7. What are you grading and at what tier? Certainly you will have issues if your sending in ultra modern. I have had no issue moving popular GOATS and vintage cards for competitive prices.
  8. I send my orders myself. I have sent 5 bulk orders. 1 completed and all marked received. I haven't had a hiccup to this point. Besides the TAT being a bit longer than I would have hoped I haven't had a bad experience yet.
  9. Idk....this sounds like a shipper issue not a CSG issue. I always buy my own insurance with FedEx.
  10. I just received my first bulk sub back marked received 5/17 shipped 9/3 One oddity I noticed is the use of thick holders for seemingly standard card thickness. Even found them mixed in for cards of the same set/year such as 1984 Topps Football. My walter peyton was in a thick holder while Elway/Marino were in standard slabs. Not really upset just odd
  11. They have been working on one for trading cards since rolling out grading services a little over a year ago. I imagine it will be the same system for sports cards. I wouldn't hold your breath. Probably another calendar year until we see something.
  12. There are a significant number of cards that simply do not populate in the search bar. Too many to list out here. The time it takes to manually enter a card makes larger submissions almost impossible. I have a 9-5. I can’t spend my next 3 evenings entering cards.
  13. Holy mother of god this form is an abomination. Maybe im doing something wrong but for instance.... It cant even populate basic vintage cards. I type "football 1969 topps joe namath" nothing matches. This is so frustrating. I really cant spend 3 days manually entering an order.
  14. You are right. Sent one bulk order some with subs/no subs. I has 21 no-subs sent back to me and still waiting on the 30 subs to move through. Pretty annoying my entire order cant keep up with each other. Same invoice, same box, same received date.
  15. My 2/11 Bulk w/subs moved to Grading/Quality control today. Already received my no-sub portion of the submission 3 weeks ago.
  16. It would be nice to have an idea of where they are at Bulk-wise. Anyone have bulk submissions that just shipped back? Received date.
  17. I have bulk rec 2/10. Anyone have recent shipped returns from around this time? I feel like I'm in the home stretch its killing me.
  18. I also have cards submitted with CGC and it appears many are reporting (and confirmed by forum mods) an error occurred that showed submissions had progressed in status when in reality, they had not. Yesterday two of my CSG bulk submissions moved into scheduled for grading. These were received 5/17 and 6/18. While I hope this is true, I don't want them lost in the shuffle due to some computer error. Anyone else seeing similar?
  19. My Bulk (recieved 2/10) Subs/No Subs have entered grading/encapsulation/imaging today