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  1. Hi there, I have a card in my inventory that is showing as a sticker when its actually a card: https://www.cgccards.com/certlookup/1001536094/ When I add it to the registry, it is showing as a sticker as well. It should be linked to this slot instead: https://www.cgccards.com/registry/sports-cards/competitive/hockey/player-sets/206/definition/#3657 Thanks! KB!
  2. @Maribeth 1694433772 and others, the My Registry Profile link under the MY CGC icon just redirects back to the main page (for me at least). You can get to your inventory and registry sets by clicking on Resources in the top menu bar, then going to Registry - the My Registry Sets and My Inventory links on the left side work from there. But anything that links back to https://www.csgcards.com/registry/profile/ seems to just redirect to the main page.
  3. Hey @CGCRyan, sorry, one more clarification. For a bulk submission, can these be a mix of raw cards and crossovers? Thank you!!
  4. Hey @CGCRyan, wondering if you had any insight on a couple of questions: 1. Once the merger is complete, can customers make up a 25-card bulk order with a combination of sports and non-sports/TCG cards (ie. 20 sports and 5 TCG)? 2. In at least two interviews, I've seen VP Matt Quinn state that current CGC cards graded 9 Mint with subgrades of "mint mint plus plus" (ie. 9 9 9.5/10 9.5/10) would qualify for a 9.5 Mint + reholder. Would this also apply to reholders for green label CSG with subgrades of "mint mint plus plus?" For instance, a card with these types of subgrades... Thank you!!
  5. @Maribeth 1694433772, it looks like this issue is fixed, working for me now. Thank you!
  6. Thanks for the info @KaileeS CS!!
  7. Hi there, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the header image from my Registry Profile page was missing. When I attempt to upload a new one, it looks like it uploads, but never displays. It gives the option to delete the "invisible" image and re-upload another, but it never displays. I browsed some other users' profiles and it looks to be a system-wide issue. Thanks!
  8. Hi @KaileeS CS, will the Signature Series get the new label design as well? If so, can you share an example with us? Thank you!
  9. Awesome @NickiO CS, they are showing now - thank you!!
  10. Hello, I received a dozen cards back from CGC Grading in late February. None of them are showing in the certification lookup, either through typing in the cert number or scanning the QR code. Any idea how long this may take or is there some other issue with this submission? The cards are 4202467001 through 4202467012. Thanks!
  11. Hi there, Can CSG please confirm, if I send in a BGS 9.5 (Gem Mint) for crossover at “same grade or higher,” my card will only be cracked if CSG believes it will grade a CSG 10 (Gem Mint)? I don’t want my BGS 9.5 cracked if CSG considers a CSG 9.5 to be “same grade.” Thank you
  12. @CGCRyan Once again, thank you for the info. One more question, sorry. When choosing crossover service on the submission form, there is no selection for CSG cards, only SGC, PSA, Beckett. Any ideas? Thank you!!
  13. I'm thinking this would be a good candidate to go from green Pristine to Black Perfect? https://www.csgcards.com/certlookup/1017251012/
  14. @CGCRyan Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify, I want to keep the BGS 9.5 in the BGS holder if it does not cross to CSG 10. Is that considered "same grade or higher" service? Thanks again!
  15. @CGCRyan, two quick questions: 1. If sending in a BGS 9.5 Gem Mint for crossover service same grade or higher, is CSG considering CSG 9.5 Mint+ or CSG 10 Gem Mint the same as the BGS 9.5 Gem Mint? 2. How do you submit a CSG card for review to a higher grade? I have some CSG 9s with strong subs that I would like to see if they can qualify for a CSG 9.5 Mint+. Thank you!
  16. Not per card. It's $5.00 handling for the entire order. One card or 100, still just a flat $5.00.
  17. @RyanCSG, a couple of questions if could clarify: On a reholder, will the card retain the original cert #? Will the card be re-scanned for the cert lookup? Thank you
  18. CSG needs to waive the reholder fee for those customers that spent an extra $10 per card for subgrades.
  19. Here's the cert lookup for this card, you have access to high-res scans there: https://www.csgcards.com/certlookup/1000665011/ The bottom left looks like it has some funny coloring/shading from the photo. Corner doesn't look damaged to me.
  20. Hi Nichole, How about cards that were oversize and got a SU designation, can you accept those cards now? Thanks!