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  1. I was not part of any focus group. I have offered my opinion on several things over the years but no one has ever asked. I do like being #1 in the registry but I really don't think that my opinion more valuable than any other collectors. We all like CSG or we wouldn't be here. I'd like them a lot more if the price per card dropped back under $10 But, to toot my own horn a little, I've been collecting for around 45 years and I have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge about cards and the hobby in general. More specifically. I like errors and variations and I have had some trouble getting CSG to recognize some pretty rare variations and notating them on the slab and in the registry.
  2. CSG.....oops CGC, definitely has the best slabs in the business and it isn't even close, but the constant label changes is an issue. Switching from the hideous green to the current version was a good move even though the green didn't actually look as bad in person as it does in pics. The problem that I see is switching from CSG to CGC in name. It will affect searches and ebay listings and now I'll have 3 completely different labels in my CSG boxes. I'll continue to support CSG and grade cards here exclusively for the speed, the price and the awesome slab, but it stings to know that I've spent a TON of money on slabs that are now obsolete as far as the label is concerned. It kind of reminds me of the Beckett BGS and BVG labels with various colors for grade levels. I hated that. I'll probably send in some of my previous 10 Pristine green labels to get the new fancy gold label, but I can't justify the extra expense for the rest no matter how badly I would like for all of my slabs to be the same. I've already done that once going from green to black to bump 9.5s to 10s. Oh well. Don't get me wrong, I'm still probably CSG's biggest fan and proponent. I can't say enough about the customer service and slab quality. I'll get used to this change eventually. Now let's get some oversized slabs and some after market autograph authentication.
  3. I've had over 5000 cards graded with the CSG slab. Now that name is gone and I certainly can't afford to reslab them all. Quite a let down.
  4. Are there any plans to start grading larger cards like the 1965 Topps Football or 1970-71 Topps Basketball? Also, any plans to do non-pack-issued autograph authentication like PSA/DNA and Beckett BAS?
  5. The Joe Oliver listing is mine. These aren't exactly common occurrences, but not super rare. You'll find 1990 Upper Deck with missing holograms, double misplaced holograms, crescent moon holograms, and occasionally with no name on the front. 1991 Upper Deck has the most variations. Each card can be found in 6 different variations. No Hologram. 1991 Hologram. 1990 Baseball Hologram. 1990 Hockey Hologram, 1990 Comic Ball Hologram, and 1992 Diamond Hologram,
  6. Are there any updates on larger slabs to enable grading of taller cards like the early 70s basketball?
  7. I have been a member of the entire company because of comics, coins and paper money
  8. Can you please add the following to the Kobe Bryant player set? 2002-03 Fleer Tradition #259 Kobe Bryant 1010434223 2002-03 Topps #25 Kobe Bryant 1010434375 2003-04 Topps Collection #36 Kobe Bryant 1011360131 2006-07 Topps Clutch City Stars #CCS13 Kobe Bryant 1010434381 2017-18 Panini Hoops Career Tribute #292 Kobe Bryant 1011360130 2017-18 Panini Hoops Career Tribute #300 Kobe Bryant 1011360129 thanks
  9. Can you please add the following to the Mike Trout player set? 2011 Bowman Bowman's Brightest #BBR6 Mike Trout 1006119211 2012 Allen & Ginter #140 Mike Trout 1006119212 2013 Panini Pinnacle Team 2020 #T5 Mike Trout 1016079112 2013 Topps Chasing the Dream #CD-2 Mike Trout 1006119213 2020 Donruss #129 Mike Trout Yellow Image Variation 1011360036 2019 Topps Holiday #HW31 Mike Trout Image Variation-Jumping w/ Star 1006119215 2020 Donruss Elite Series #E-5 Mike Trout Pink Fireworks 1016079114 2020 Donruss Elite Series #E-5 Mike Trout Rapture 1016079113 2020 Donruss Highlights #H-10 Mike Trout Diamond 1016079116 2020 Donruss Highlights #H-10 Mike Trout Pink Fireworks 1016079115 2020 Donruss Optic #197 Mike Trout Holo 1010101132 2020 Panini Prizm #196 Mike Trout Lime Green 1006119217 2020 Panini Prizm Star Gazing #SG-1 Mike Trout Blue Wave 1006119216 thanks
  10. Can you please add the following to the Joe Burrow player set? 2020 Donruss Rookie Gridiron Kings #RGK-JB Joe Burrow 1009361154 2020 Panini Contenders Rookie of the Year Contenders #RY-JBU Joe Burrow 1009705093 2020 Panini NFL Sticker & Card Collection #74 Joe Burrow 1009361153 2020 Panini Prestige #258 Joe Burrow 1009361156 2020 Panini Rookies & Stars #101 Joe Burrow 1009361159 thanks
  11. Can you please add the following to the Derek Jeter player set? 1992 Classic Best #402 Derek Jeter 1006119342 1992 Classic Best #BC22 Derek Jeter Blue Bonus 1006119343 1992 Front Row Draft Picks #55 Derek Jeter 1006119344 1993-94 Fleer Excel #106 Derek Jeter 1006119346 1993 Stadium Club Murphy #117 Derek Jeter 1006119313 1994 Bowman's Best #95 Barry Larkin/Derek Jeter Refractor 1006119361 1995 Bowman #229 Derek Jeter Foil 1006119348 1995 Collector's Choice SE #2 Derek Jeter Gold Signature 1006119369 1995 Upper Deck Minors Top 10 Prospects #1 Derek Jeter 1006119363 1996 Pinnacle Hardball Heroes #179 Derek Jeter Starburst 1006126010 1996 Pinnacle Project Stardom #2 Derek Jeter 1006119356 1996 Pinnacle Starburst #97 Derek Jeter 1006119354 1996 Pinnacle Team Tomorrow #9 Derek Jeter 1006119352 1996 Score #106 Derek Jeter Dugout Collection 1006119349 1996 Score #109 Derek Jeter Star Struck Dugout Collection 1006119351 1996 Score Future Franchise #3 Derek Jeter 1006119364 1996 Topps Laser Bright Spots #B13 Derek Jeter 1006119368 1997 Bowman's Best Best Cuts #BC1 Derek Jeter Refractor 1006119360 1997 Donruss Franchise Features #14 Derek Jeter/Pokey Reese 1006119371 1997 Donruss Power Alley #24 Derek Jeter Green 1006119372 1997 SkyBox E-X2000 Star Date 2000 #7 Derek Jeter 1006119373 1998 Donruss Elite #125 Derek Jeter Generations Aspirations 1006119366 1998 Select Selected #8 Derek Jeter Sample 1006119374 1999 Finest #90 Derek Jeter Refractor 1006119367 2000 Revolution Triple Header #8 Derek Jeter Silver 1006119375 2000 SkyBox E-X E-Xceptional #XC2 Derek Jeter Red 1006119357 2000 Topps Chrome #478 Derek Jeter Magic Moments Refractor 1006119359 thanks
  12. Can you please add the following to the 1972 Topps Football Set? 1972 Topps #266 Rayfield Wright All Pro 1010730031 1972 Topps #280 Bob Lilly All Pro 1010730045 1972 Topps #300 Alan Page 1010730065 1972 Topps #316 Rayfield Wright 1010730081 1972 Topps #338 Steve Spurrier Pro Action 1010730103 1972 Topps #339 Floyd Little Pro Action 1010730104 1972 Topps #340 Len Dawson Pro Action 1010730105 1972 Topps #348 George Blanda Pro Action 1010730113 thanks
  13. 1997 Topps Stars Autographed Rookie Reprints #9 Eddie Mathews (Eddie Mathews Player Set) 1006119387 2015 Topps 60th Anniversary Autographs #T60RA-GS GALE SAYERS (Gale Sayers Player Set) 1009705308 2020-21 Panini Absolute Memorablia Rookie Autographs Level 1 #RA-AED Anthony Edwards (Anthony Edwards Player Set) 1009706002 2017 Donruss Rookie Gridiron Kings #2 Patrick Mahomes II (Patrick Mahomes Player Set) 1006120010 2017 Panini Prestige Draft Big Board #1 Patrick Mahomes II (Patrick Mahomes Player Set) 1006119061 2018 Panini Prestige #22 Patrick Mahomes II (Patrick Mahomes Player Set) 1009705034 2019 Panini Playoff Star Gazing #1 Patrick Mahomes II (Patrick Mahomes Player Set) 1009705035 2019 Score Epix Moment #EM-3 Patrick Mahomes II (Patrick Mahomes Player Set) 1009705044 2019 Score Epix Season #ES-3 Patrick Mahomes II (Patrick Mahomes Player Set) 1009705051 2020 Panini Rookies & Stars #40 Patrick Mahomes II (Patrick Mahomes Player Set) 1008124062 2020 Panini Rookies & Stars Touchdown Club #TC-1 Patrick Mahomes II (Patrick Mahomes Player Set) 1008124061 thanks
  14. I appreciate the tip but I think that would actually take longer than clicking the "add" button for each card on the website.
  15. Is there a way, or will there be a way, to add all cards from a submission to the registry? I have several bulk submissions and it takes a lot of time to add 400 cards one at a time. Then I have to go back and check various cards periodically to see if they are eligible for sets. A notification when set slots become available for owned cards would be nice also.
  16. None of my pending submissions for CSG or CGC are showing under my account. Is this a known glitch?
  17. I'm not a huge SGC fan either. The newer slabs are growing on me a little though. I absolutely hated the older slabs with the green label. With certain cards, the new style looks pretty sharp. I did submit some cards this week (thicker cards, patch autos, etc) through a group sub for $26 per card. I'll see how it goes and I might use them for thicker cards all of the time. With CSG it is $12 for bulk, $2 for the auto, $5 for the thicker case. Even after the 10% discount that makes it $17.10 per card with a 150 day wait. The same card at SGC is $26 with a 15-20 days with through the group. It was worth the extra $9 to not wait. But, when it comes to standard size cards I will definitely stick with CSG for $10.80 per card. Hard to pass up.
  18. I'm pretty disappointed too. I have 7 total orders pending. Delivery started 3 months ago and only the 1st and 2nd orders have even been logged into the system, with the 2nd one popping up a couple of days ago. Based on the advertised turnaround times, I should have had my bulk orders back by now, but I'm still waiting on express orders to get logged in. Pretty disappointing.