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  1. I see three PSA 10s for sale at around $1000, but no CGC 10s. There is an ENGLISH CGC 10 for sale for $2800 but I'm looking to complete my Japanese collection. I should have been more clear in my original post that my collection is the original Japanese cards.
  2. Hi, I can't seem to get a response from CGC Customer Service. I sent this email to them several days ago: May you please check the status on my reholder submission? Status says “scheduled for grading” but it’s a reholder, not a regrade! It was received by CGC on 2/22/2024. It should not take 42 days to reholder. https://www.cgccards.com/account/my-submissions/tracking/1401024714/ -IP
  3. Not worth it IMO. Way too off centered to get a decent grade.
  4. I have complete set in CGC Gem Mint 10 (or better) and looking to buy CGC Gem Mint 10 of the following 5 cards: Ledyba (Reverse Holo), Mew (Reverse Holo), Togepi (Reverse Holo), Butterfree, Exeggutor. Willing to purchase or trade. I have extra GM 10s to help fill out your collection.
  5. Hi guys, I have five (5) CGC GM 10 slabs that I would like to trade or sell so that I can complete my set of CGC 10s. Here are my five "extras": Jigglypuff, GM 10, Cert. 1401015783008 Lickitung, GM 10, Cert. 4300025007, 4300025008 Primeape, GM 10, Cert. 4141730157, 4300025006 Ideally, love to trade for someone that has a Butterfree and Exeggutor, as I have those in Mint 9. Also, looking for Reverse Holos of: Ledyba, Mew, and Togepi. Only looking to receive slabs in CGC GM 10. I have those three reverse holos in CGC 9.
  6. Thank you Lyndsey. I'll wait to see if the new image is available and the Cert link gets updated. Right now the Cert link shows no grade (or image) for the card.
  7. Hi, I just received my card back from CGC (it was a Mechanical Error - ME that was corrected) where the label showed it was an English card, but it is actually a Japanese card (see picture). However, I can't currently add it to my Registry set because it says it is still an "English" card. Can you help? https://www.cgccards.com/certlookup/4298026001/
  8. Bump! Come on folks... time to part with the CGC 9.5 Squirtle. It's the only McDonalds 2021 promo card that I don't have!
  9. Any chance CGC will match PSA regarding Bulk orders? PSA has 10-card minimum for bulk while CGC is stuck at 25-cards minimum. I really want to send cards to CGC but that 25-card limit is a high hurdle.
  10. I have 24 out of 25 cards in the set graded CGC 9.5 Gem Mint. Only missing the Squirtle 17/25 card in CGC 9.5. POP report shows 72 graded at 9.5. Anyone have one to sell? I'll certainly pay a fair price. Here's my Registry set: https://www.cgccards.com/registry/competitive-sets/21909/
  11. Thanks Lyndsey. I'm using macOS Ventura 13.1. Mac Safari version 16.2. Both are the latest versions, I think.
  12. It's been several months that I can't access the Registry with my Safari for Mac web browser. Can you add Safari to your regression tests? I'm able to access it via Firefox for Mac.
  13. Seems to be a problem with Safari for Mac. I tried with Firefox for Mac and it seems to work. You might ask the IT team to check compatibility with Safari. It always use to work with Safari for Mac.
  14. Hi, the last few days the Pop Report and Registry doesn't seem to be working. When can I expect it to be back online?
  15. 25-card bulk submission, $15 per card. Received by CGC 12/13, Shipped out on 12/19. 6-day turnaround time for Bulk!!!
  16. Whoo Hoo! Oh happy day!! Wait until you see me post this Registered Set. It's a beauty! Thanks so much!! :-)
  17. Agree. But in this market, 25-cards is a high bar to hit for $15/card. The next tier is $25/card. That's a steep jump in the TCG world. Prices of slabbed cards are very low right now. Has CGC seen the prices sold on eBay?
  18. PSA has emailed subscribers with a TCG Bulk deal of $15/card, 10-card minimum, $199/max per card. CGC on the other hand, has a 25-card minimum. I'd rather send my cards to CGC, but the 25-card minimum is too high. I'd like to see them match PSA in that regard.
  19. Hi, I won't name your competitor but I'm sure you know whom I'm talking about. They have been running a Bulk special all month -- $15 per card, minimum of 10 cards, max $199 declared value. CGC requires a 25-card minimum. Any chance you can match that deal so that I only have to send in 10-cards?
  20. Hi Mike. The POP report for the Classic Collection seems to be working now. When I posted to this forum there were no Perfect or Pristine 10s shown in the POP report. It looks like they completed their "maintenance". Thank you for following up with me. :-)
  21. Unlikely to grade higher than a CGC 6, IMO. Probably not worth grading unless the card has some special meaning to you.
  22. Not to wordsmith, but I've spent a career in the IT field. "Maintenance" usually refers to something that takes a few hours to complete. What you are describing sounds like a major rebuild of the application and database.
  23. It seems the POP Report, at least for the Celebrations Classic Collection, seems to be way off regarding up-to-date numbers. See: https://www.cgccards.com/population-report/pokemon/2/sword-and-shield/50/celebrations-english/4154/?page=1 Here's a link to a Zekrom graded CGC 10: https://www.cgccards.com/certlookup/4091077042/ It says there are 38 cards graded 10 Pristine, with 5 cards graded higher! So what's the real deal? Is the POP Report inaccurate or is the Certlookup tool inaccurate?