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  1. This book has many issues that can be seen easily. Book is detached at both staples. Stains to covers and interior pages. Damage to top of spine. Piece missing. Tears to f/b covers. Rusted staples which has stained interior pages. And more. Thanks for feedback everyone.
  2. Non color breaking ticks and substance on back cover. Inside is great. Thanks for feedback everyone!
  3. Another oldie! Staining f/b, rusted staples, rust stains through all the interior pages at the top staple. Cover stained on bottom staple. Creases, missing pieces, 1 inch spine split on top, color breaking ticks, and substance on b/c. Interior pages complete. Nothing missing. Thanks for everyone’s feedback!
  4. Books in great shape for its age. Defects are pretty easy to see. Substance on f/c, tears on spine, ticks and creases. Interior pages have some substance on them also. Roughly 4 pages. Let me know what you think. Thanks everyone!
  5. Lots of defects. Let me know what you think on the grade. Staples have rusting, slight spine roll plus so much more. Inside is good except for light rusting on top staple at centerfold. Thx everyone!
  6. @CGC Mike Hey Mike, I originally sent this thread to “Hey buddy, can you spare a grade” but it looks like it got sent somewhere else? If this was moved I didn’t see it in the place I wanted it. Can you help? Thx!
  7. So this book has a couple of issues for sure. I believe that this book was miscut during manufacturing. Front covers length is 10 3/16”. Back covers length is 10 3/8”. From the 3rd page after the centerfold to the back cover page the pages get longer page by page. That why the book does not look square. It doesn’t look to me like someone tried to trim it. Cuts are very strait. There is a tear to the front cover, wear tears on spine plus ticks, slight staining to f/c, blunting, creases. Interior pages fine except for length differences. Let me know everyone! Thx!
  8. Let me know what you guys think. We’ve got staple creases to top staple, color breaking ticks and creases, blunting, and scratches to back cover. Inside is fine. Thx everyone!
  9. John knew how to draw nice covers! This book has some defects. Inside is great. Appreciate everyone’s feedback. Thx!
  10. This book as you will see has something splatter on the backside. More or less left water marks/stains that can be seen mostly in a reflection of the sizing. There is a couple of dark stains that are visibly easy to see. Inside is great! Let me know everyone! Thx!
  11. Can’t help but love this cover! There are defects to see so thanks again for everyone that takes the time to come and look these beautiful books over. You have to have a passion to do this!
  12. Another nice book. Front and back covers have a stain. Slight spine roll, color breaking ticks and creases and veining. Light blunting. Inside is great! Thanks for everyone’s feedback.
  13. Oldie but goodie. We do have defects. Backside has stains only on the cover. Not the interior pages. I appreciate your feedback. Nothing wrong or missing on the inside of the book. It was gently loved.
  14. So we have a few color breaking ticks and creases but other than blunting it’s a nice book. Let me know what you think. Inside is fine. I’d like to Congratulate Grendelbo for winning the recent grading contest. That’s always fun to watch. Thx for everyone’s feedback!
  15. Nice copy for its age. Inside is fine. Love your feedback and thank you for the responses!
  16. A few defects. Ticks, creases and such. Inside is great. Let me know everyone and thx again!
  17. A few defects on this book but what a gloss on this one. I like how the books were manufactured during this time period. Nice thick sizing on them. Back cover has a piece that came off. Inside has a top rusted staple that stained just the centerfold only. Outside not as rusty and shows no staining of the cover. Let me know everyone! Thx again!
  18. I don’t think so. It was listed somewhere that a 9.8 was crazy money. Can’t remember what number was but it surprised me.
  19. Can’t blame you. I find that there is no consistency. Always subjective. Sorry to hear yours had an unhappy ending. My client was definitely happy.
  20. Someone really loved this book. Lots of defects. Let me know! Thanks for feedback!
  21. Book was cracked. Originally a 9.6. Book has 2 ticks b/c, and slight blunting on bottom of spine. Inside is great. Let me know everyone! Thx!
  22. So this book was cracked. Was a 9.4 originally. Defects are slight finger crease to f/c, ticks, color breaking ticks, and staple creases, and a couple of veins. Inside is great. Let me know. Thx!