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  1. Received: 2/11 Shipped/Delivered: 8/11 Exactly 6 months for Economy submission lol. Happy with the grades especially rainbow pikachu thanks CGC!
  2. Anyone who with receive submission around 2/11 - Economy get their cards back yet? I know there's was a glitch, but i've been on Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging for a month now and due to the glitch I really don't know where in the process I actually am.
  3. Delivered 2/1 Received 2/11 Scheduled for grading: 6/19 Grading/Encap/Imaging: 7/8 - How much longer y'all think lol? Im super hyped right now.
  4. When the status finally reaches Schedule for grading, is it usually another 3-4 weeks from there to be finalized + delivered back?
  5. Seems like January - Economy senders are starting to get graded, can anyone else confirm?
  6. Ah, I misread it as they were opening packages from March 15th, and those are now being graded. thanks! Agree. I was looking over the official turnaround thread, as of today, December subs from bulk/economy are now just getting graded, so we're talking about 5+ months in submission turnarounds if I had to make a guess.
  7. I couldn't help but notice on the CGC Services & Fees (Current Turnaround time) they have the following banner for TCG. "Now opening trading card submissions delivered the week of March 15, 2021." My submission was sent February and is still marked as received, I've seen people on the other thread there still on December Received. Just looking for clarification here. Link: https://www.cgccomics.com/submit/services-fees/cgc-grading/?view=trading-cards
  8. Received: 2/11 Status: Received Question - if I did Economy originally, is it possible to upgrade the services to express? I only sent 9 cards in so I don't mind dishing out the extra cash.
  9. been following the thread, first and foremost, if you're not a lawyer, or have any idea on how the law works, please just stop. CGC only needs to honor the prices prior to the change, turnaround time have been affected due to the amount of submission, if you're feeling impatient about the situation or impatient for someone else then don't send in product to get graded. These are weird times due to COVID - everything in the world has been impacted - I ordered a new Sofas for my living room back in November and I didn't get them till February, and it was pushed back twice. But please, if you're not a lawyer by any means just don't talk about it at all you look pathetic.
  10. Thanks to everyone who replied back! I do see that my submission has been restored. I was freaking out. Thank you all
  11. My submission status has been showing on on CGC since Feb 9th, 2021. I typically check it everyday to see if there's any change; however, tonight my submission is completely gone and not visible? HELP!
  12. My status shows the below, so does that mean it has been delivered to CGC already?