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  1. Wow thank you so much for the info Wrong back cover didnt know
  2. Very Low grade but better than no grade Book is complete If I send it, is it best to tape the cover so it dosent fall apart?
  3. And today 3/19 Status: Grading/Encapsulation/ Imaging
  4. Modern slow Delivered 2/26 SFG 2/29 Card charged 3/4 GEI.....soon I hope
  5. Nothing missing and I collect nr 1 so its for me
  6. Hello This I got in Sweden for 30 years ago, he wanted 50$ but because of the defects I got it for 30$ How much does the cuts affect the grade and what value do I put up if I send it to cgc (did bad on a ff 5) Last question, do I use tape for the loose cut outs. See Picture 4 and 5 Sorry for my bad english Thanks Stefan in Sweden
  7. Wondering the same thing and is there a list of the 23 books?
  8. I have the same question about my ff5 some one stated grading it on the 28 of july and put it back a few hours later and did not report it missing that happen a few weeks later...been asking what happen if they talked to the person no answer yet, cgc want to give me the 400 I just want my book. They say its not with stolen books so I hope it can be found
  9. Hello I really need your help for grading my low grade avengers 1 Thanks
  10. Sorry the 20+ comics that was stolen from cgc
  11. Hard to tell My comic was lose on the bottom staple, And I cant see it on the pictures. It was graded one month after my was missing and a 1.8 can perhaps get a 2.5 on a good day...
  12. Time is about right when my comic got lost Sent this mail to cgc 25 januari: The comic was checked in as the Received: 7/4/23 have you talked to the person who did the unpacking? And the 7/28/23 the grading started and was put back on hold 2 hours later is it that grader you talked to about my missing book? Because I got an email after contacting cgc 8/21/23 I got the answer that it was an error in the decription ....the grader that put it back did not file it as missing? And later I was told that it was missplaced ( like in another line) and then later missing. And every time I pay I have to call cgc first so the transfer works so its a bit of work for me. Is the comic gone or is there still hope it can be found? I really want my ff5 or another copy 1.5-1.8 its not easy to find us comics in sweden Plz get back to me with answers Thanks Stefan Karlsson
  13. I have asked Did you talked to the person that first stated grading on and didnt report that the book was missing? I have not got an answer yet
  14. Thanks for the fast reply Last I heard was from cgc was dec 14 when you wanted photos or a bill of the book FF5 and I sent images on the 15 dec and then I have heard nothing after that / Stefan