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  1. I can't seem to find the card when I type in charizard gold plate anniversary in the submission form.
  2. @PaulS.I was wondering if this was true. Tried looking into forums and found no definite answer
  3. I can't see where I can do a bulk order and some cards have sub grades in the bulk order. I have submitted like bulk orders before with 25 with no sub and 25 with sub grades. Now on the new form doesn't give me an option to mix and match.
  4. So when I sent in some cards to get graded without sub grades. I just seen one of my cards get a pristine 10 and would like to get subgrades but not lose my grade. If somehow they regrade and comes back lower. Any info on this?
  5. Yes I did and got stuck leaving a message and I did get an email that a representative suppose to look into it. But nothing. Only know that my cards are being sent backed and I got overcharged..
  6. So my cards are in the grading and quality control. And checked on Friday and seen my debit card getting charged $529.50. I'm like what the hell, where my $150 dollar credit. Suppose to be $379.50. Just kinda upset because the $150 dollar would've helped this week to pay for one of my personal bills and not be stuck with a overdraft fee of $25 dollars. Just kinda upset. I have emailed twice and no response.
  7. Same here. Mine got delivered mar.16. And today us April 18. And nothing yet
  8. For sure. I see many 1k bulk orders being sent in. Another problem is that I do like they have expanded cgc size but what it comes down to is that there isn't enough workers. Well qualified workers to do grading.
  9. From my understanding psa is backlogged 1.1 million cards total. How much cgc is backlogged 500 million cards? Possible. Thats walk-through aren't getting scanned in as fast and express takes a month to be logged in. Just my 2 cents
  10. Psa is getting in 50k cards a week. 200k cards amonth. Someone was saying that usually takes 3 months for a company to finish. Imagine since psa is shut down how much more is sending to cgc. Psa made it so only super express and above accepted. Why not make it express or higher only for cgc for the moment. I already can see cgc being backed up over a million cards. Guess how long that's gonna take. 1.5 years on bulk/economy/standard.
  11. Cgc should halt receiving cards till they catch up. Psa as of March 30 has halted taking in cards till July. Cgc now gonna be more flooded than ever. Stop receiving cards to increase turnaround times to everyone.
  12. I sent 3 packages 1st week of March. And still haven't logged in also