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  1. I’m getting ready to send off my first cgc grading. not sure what section to use for pricing. if I put my comic in the “standard” section max value is set @1000$. does this mean they will not grade the book at a higher grade even if it can, because if the next grade up will bring it’s value over 1000$? Will they refuse to grade the book completely? the next section of grading is at 3000$+ value. That’s a big leap in price from the other
  2. Looking to buy Buck Rogers #1 from 1940. lmk if anyone has anything.
  3. I saw a grouping of lower grade very early ASM for sale. All graded. Purple label. lower grades. 1st appearence mysterio,kraven,goblin etc etc the reason they were all purple labels and lower grade, Was because they were taken from a bound book. my question is, Are there bound books floating around like the omnibus but with original ASM in it? Not reprints? Or was this just someone that made there own bound book of comics and then someone bought it and took it apart.
  4. Think this is worth 1000$? grade 3.0. has that “keep” written near the middle lmk what you think.
  5. ASM annual 1. 1st sinister six. 1000$ grade 3.0. Opinions?
  6. I’m looking at purchasing a ww2 propaganda style comic. But im not super knowledgeable on these. Any input on the prices/desirability of either of these books? All new #4 asking price - 400 captain marvel adventures #21 asking price -600 startling comics #27 Asking price - 600
  7. @CHASEnBLUE may I ask why?
  8. If anyone has a gocollect account. Or somE other comic values website. would you be able to tell me high grade values on. “Action comics 335” 9.2+
  9. @stock_rotation Lol. I’m quite oblivious. Thank you.
  10. @Galen130 think it was higher before the creases and small tear?
  11. Average prices for kravennthenhunter Electro And doc ock
  12. I paid 400$ for it. So if it gets a 5.0. I will still be happy. just such a horrible feeling. And to see it immortalized forever in the slab.
  13. @zzutak @Funnybooks what really bothers me is that it’s a actual tear. Not just a color break. Which worries me that it will Be graded harsher. I sent a flash 140 out. With the tiniest of tear. And I mean tiniest. On the back cover. I didn’t even know it was there. and when I read the grader notes. They mentioned said tear. So it makes me feel it was apart of that books grade. (5.0)
  14. @Amazeron @Funnybooks Requested pictures. Outside of bag. what I did is front and center at the top… As well I took side angle to show the small stress marks on spine, for further classification if it is already a lower grade.
  15. Idk what happened Finger slipped. Or negligence. But I just put a slightly smaller than vertical 1/2” tear. And then on side color breaking stress mark. on my flash 139… first appearence of reverse flash. im in the process of sending this out for grading/slabbing soon. how much did I just cost myself…. In grade
  16. Lol. 😂. I really had a brain fart on that one…. Sorry about that. Consider this post closed.
  17. Just a quick question. Google gave me back 2 answers. does quick silver first appear in xmen #4. Or fantastic four #48? both cgc labels say it. X-men label says first appearence of quicksilver Fantastic four label says 1st quicksilver.
  18. Been looking at this 6.5 restore graded Spiderman 41. guy wants like 600. I think that’s way too high. Edges are trimmed That’s my main worry for value sake. what do you think it’s worth? gocollect shows similar clean 6.5 last trades for around 800-900. But people I’ve seen are asking a lot more.