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  1. $5-$10 https://www.comc.com/Cards/Basketball/1998-99/Metal_Universe_-_Base/53/Kobe_Bryant/1507017
  2. You are being misled. They are the 2020's version of Broder cards. https://www.blowoutforums.com/showthread.php?p=17417970&nojs=1
  3. They are not made by Panini; they are unlicensed cards. You can buy them on Etsy and Mercari.
  4. So there is an extra step to confirm the subgrades for a submission with subs, but not an extra step to confirm the subgrades for a submission that has no subs? It seems to me like the confirmation step for a nosub submission should also be confirming and recording the subgrades to make sure that the overall grade is accurate. So if a nosub submission does not have its subgrades recorded and confirmed, then what is the confirmation step for these cards? Is it just someone else looking at it and saying "Yep, looks like a 9.5 to me too."
  5. I don't understand why everybody is crying about $10 subs. Beckett now charges $15, and as much as $125 for subs. And it was obvious from the start that there would be two different grading processes for subs vs no subs with CSG. Why else would they need to add 5 days to the grading time?
  6. No fire emojis, no diamond emojis, and you left out INVEST!!!! and L@@K. Terrible listing title; would not buy.
  7. Send them to PSA to be graded, then drop shipped to your PWCC Vault to be auctioned by PWCC. Neither PSA nor PWCC care about trimmed cards.
  8. The end of April was when they bumped up the pricing, so it stands to reason that early May saw more than the normal amount of submissions from people sending in cards before the price increase. The first couple of weeks for May might take a while.
  9. I assume you paid with PayPal or a credit card? If so, just skip the eBay nonsense and do a chargeback through PayPal or your credit card. For presells, after 30 days eBay couldn't care less. With a delay that long, the seller should have refunded your money and relisted closer to the new release date.
  10. I hope not. There's no need to add any more nonsense to the labels. We already have HGA for goofy and flashy labels.
  11. This got lost in all of our bickering about keyword spamming, but I think there is some merit to the idea of your listings being marked as counterfeit because you used the pics from CSG and not your own. Has CSG or eBay said it was OK to use those pics for listings? I might be wrong here, but I don't think they are "fair use" scans. I think they are there for cert verification only. It would very easy for me to look up a cert #, copy the images, and make a fraudulent listing for a card I do not own. It doesn't really make sense to call this counterfeiting and not fraud, but eBay likes to lump all of these similar "bad" things together.
  12. A listing title should not be thought of as an advertisement, because it has to be searched for. Putting something in the title that the item is not is keyword spamming plain and simple. Using your logic of something being 100% true so it should go in the title, I should then be able to put "not Mike Trout" in the title of all my listings. Things like "Buy CSG 9.5 and save over a PSA 9" should go in the description and not the title.
  13. I second the vote for Superior Fit sleeves. Way better than the old one size fits all sleeves. https://www.superiorfitsleeves.com/Superior-Fit-Sleeves-for-CSG-Graded-Card-Slabs-p/csg-001.htm
  14. According to this, they are opening submissions delivered the week of May 3rd. You may have a way to go if yours was delivered on the the 24th. https://www.csgcards.com/submit/services-fees/csg/
  15. ............... Looks like you needed a few of these. Turn around times are going to be bad everywhere for a while. That is just a fact of life. Even SGC's TAT are creeping up. Charging for thicker slabs sucks and I agree there, but it is obvious that BGS has been charging for subs also, because their new "no subs" option is cheaper.
  16. As more of the CSG slabs hit the market, I wish that they had not given an option for subs. Either all with or all without. Normally I think having more choices is better, but in this case I wish they hadn't given the option. If they had gone the "no subs" way, they probably could have used a smaller flip. If they had gone the "with subs" way, the current flip would be fine because all cards would have subs. That's the main reason why I don't like the BGS slabs without subs; it just looks a little off. CSG should have gone one or the other, just not both.
  17. In my opinion, if it is not worth getting subgrades it is cheap junk not worth grading. Grading cheap junk just to flip for a few extra bucks is what gave these companies such a huge backlog.
  18. I prefer subgrades because not all 9.5s are created equal. I would rather have 4x9.5 subs vs 3 with a 9. I would buy either one before buying a 9.5 with no subs though.
  19. The April 5th date has only been up for a few days. March 29th was the last one, and it was up for weeks.