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  1. PM's ok but first wins - Venmo/Paypal/Zelle ok - 14 day returns OK if you decide the comics match your couch as long as returned in the same condition. USPS Priority shipping paid by buyer but I will cap it at $9.95 First up - Game Boy #1 CGC 9.2 $90 or best offer Young All Stars Annual #1 CGC 9.8 Highest and only 9.8 in existence SOLD What If... #61 CGC 9.4 $40 Alien Worlds #8 CGC 9.4 $40
  2. Not exactly a comic but hoping its allowed here ? The pop-up Minnie Mouse book featuring "Story and Illustrations by the Staff of the Walt Disney Studios" - Published by Blue Ribbon Books, Inc. in New York in 1933.. Asking $150 or best offer.. 14 day returns ok as long as received in the same condition.. Will ship via USPS Priority mail for flat $9.95 Paypal/Venmo ok - pms ok but first wins Good to Very Good condition - some tape and pencil/pen marks $150 or best offer!
  3. Just curious if anyone else has ever never noticed this before .. the black ink on the legs of "Warrior Woman" on some of the covers of Invaders #17 are filled in - and on others they are not. Just noticed this for the first time but maybe I'm just late to the party..
  4. I just realized after almost 20 years - I never made myself a kudos thread (If I ever did, I can't find it .. )
  5. Fast payment and kudos to Jeffrey! He is now the proud owner of Huckleberry Hound #1 - WOOF! Excellent transaction
  6. Presenting - Huckleberry Hound #1 in 9.2 condition! Off White to White pages. Charlton Comics - November 1970. First Charlton appearance of Huckleberry Hound. 15 day for returns ok! PayPal or Venmo. I'll cover USPS priority shipping anywhere in domestic USA. Otherwise please ask in advance for quote Only 2 individual copies grade higher. Last sale in 8.5 was $100 Asking $190 or best offer. PMS ok but first wins
  7. I think it does that so in case it does hit some copyright thing it doesn’t know about it won’t get sued… or at least has a better chance of winning a lawsuit
  8. i’m currently auctioning off some slab books and some other raw books. Final bidding starts Sunday night at 7 PM Eastern with prebidding going on now. Hope you can check them out! Lots of other items on there. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/306623_november-original-owner-collectibles-auction/?keyword=Comic&page=1
  9. give me a living breathing comic book artist and writer any day … but still found these fun to generate
  10. I just found this thing I made in the 1970s when I was about 12.. I was such a comic geek. I painstakingly hammered into a sheet of copper or some kind of metal the cover for Superman #6 including the “very truly yours, Clark Kent”, which I remember took me hours. I think I copied it from the pages of Overstreet price guide because I’m positive I didn’t have a copy of Superman number six. I’m sure a thread like this has been posted before but I would love to see photos of anything people have from their childhood related to comics lol
  11. This has a little piece on the back cover which is barely hanging on - top left.. just curious how much this would get hit for that..
  12. Moving to eBay thanks for looking! Fantastic Four #47 6.0 ow pgs Fantastic Four #54 6.5 OW pgs
  13. Wow That is very nice of you to even consider that… PM sent
  14. Ha yes good point I’m in New York 😂 I don’t know call me crazy but to ship three Comic long boxes shouldn’t cost $800 .. and thank you
  15. Hmm perhaps this should be in the comics for sale thread instead but I’m really just venting at the moment 😂😂