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  1. Wow, I just had an economy sub go from delivered to shipped in 4 business days, extremely surprised with how fast economy has been going recently
  2. Tcg economy delivered 11/22/2021 grading/quality control 11/23/2021 i dont know if this is abnormal or not but does this mean it’s already been graded in a day or there is a payment issue?
  3. Tcg - ECONOMY delivered 11/22/2021 grading/encapsulation/imaging 11/22/2021 This seems to be going super fast, any predictions on when this submission will be shipped?
  4. I am just about to do a submission, and I selected FedEx return shipping from CGC, but I am shipping it with USPS to CGC, should I ship to their USPS address or their FedEx/UPS address
  5. I did get an email with the tracking number, but there doesn't seem to be a link on where it says "shipped"
  6. They are finally coming back, this was delivered 5/25 without ST, Anyone know where I can find the tracking number from USPS?
  7. I have a 5 card standard submission that got put to QC/finalized 2 weeks ago, and grading/QC a week ago. I called CGC on monday and they charged my account, so there shouldn't be any problem with accounting anymore. Any ideas on when these will be shipped?
  8. wow thats weird because I have a 5 card standard submission with subgrades that was delivered 5/25/2021 and its also in Grading/Quality Control and I have already been charged for it
  9. my 5 card standard submission just went from QC/Finalized to Grading/QC, and I haven't been charged yet. Is there a problem? Should I call them?
  10. Its finally coming home anyone know how long the Quality Control/Finalized stage lasts for standard? Im expected around a week.
  11. I just checked the status of my 5 card standard submission that should be in grading/encapsulation/imaging right now, but when I checked it says I don't have any submissions in the past 8 months, is this a bug or a glitch in the system?
  12. I would regrade it with CGC, even if it doesnt get the OC qualifier the lowest centering grade is an 8, and you can get the error label on it.
  13. took me just under 2 weeks before going to Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging with standard
  14. No, just wait and they will probably open it soon. Make sure it was sent to the right address and you labeled the box with ST.
  15. everything looks perfectly fine to me. the chance for it being resealed is also extremely low if it comes out of an etb. Also, pack fresh cards having a lot of whitening is completely normal, it could have had a rough time shipping and the packs could have moved around inside the etb.
  16. I dont think so, because I have it too and my submission is supposed to be in scheduled for grading. It's probably just a bug that will get fixed soon.
  17. Yesss finally, my standard submission got received and immediately went to scheduled for grading
  18. same, I also had a sub delivered 5/25 without ST on the box, and it still hasn't been marked as received yet
  19. if the lowest 2 sub grades are the same, that is the overall grade of the card
  20. Anyone know about how many points would be taken off surface for a scratch like this?