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  1. Regretfully this arrived past my 150 dollar membership. I am okay with my raw cards anyway, I have read a lot of negative reviews. Just too many... smh
  2. Hey bro. thanks for getting back to me. I honestly don't know that much. I mentioned it before. I just collected a bunch of stuff i liked. Penny Hardaway from Three!!!! We may be similar in age Cool cards. I am submitting almost the same type. I believe would and will sell. My GF partner is like Ken you need to ah support this hobby. .. Anyway. thanks for your examples and showing the way.. Ken
  3. I agree with Mountain G. The card itself isn't really demanded, (highly sought after). It is disappointing how some players don't get the value respect they deserve. TT is a beast and has been putting up numbers since his Rookie season. I come from an econ background. Still new in the grading sphere, been selling cards for a while now. Ebay and other services are great resources for what sells, rarity is best! just my thoughts. Ken
  4. looking for your keys, Would you say your judgement and "eye" for identifying 10's or better quality cards improved? I would think yes, there is a somewhat semi-steep learning curve when it comes to seeing imperfections. That's all i see now. I think that is awesome and very encouraging for fairness. I am working on my bulk order as we speak. New submission form... meh. sorry. Congrats!!!! Ken
  5. also please allow to edit line up, aka move submissions up or down in their order. Not a big deal, but would seem easier for you. Please advise if i am wrong. Not trying to be rude. just figuring things out
  6. Baseball current age is missing base cards, specifically with topps, and I think Panini as well. Not everything is a refactor or parallel I mean base options do not show up in auto-complete. I know you guys are hiring, You need someone for QA? I can do that from home, let me know I will send my resume.
  7. Is this the topic to point out all the problems with the new and improved submission form for CSG?