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  1. Grades are in, they did press them and I am happy with the results. I do have a question about the poly bags. Is there a way I could get them encapsulated? They are pretty cool and I like the design on them.
  2. Hello, I submitted both copies of the new Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong that roar when you open them up. Was wondering how CCS would press it with little device inside of it and how CGC would incase it without damaging it? I was just wondering how it will be done.
  3. Hey guys, found these one at a yard sale and figured I would grab it for the PC since I don’t own one. If it’s worth getting graded I would definitely clean and press.
  4. Hi again, looking for best estimates and guesses on this Dazzler. I am wondering about the bottom right corner.
  5. Hi everybody, was hoping if you guys could drop some of your knowledge and best guesses on me. I pretty sure I am going to get it graded and I will be having it pressed and cleaned.
  6. Was wondering if there was a way to see how much credit I have on my account.
  7. I am happy, picked it up for $50 and its going into my personal collection.
  8. Hello everyone, I was hoping to borrow your guys eye’s for your guess on what my 2006 Wal-Mart ASM 300. I would get it pressed and cleaned for sure. The only thing that worries me is the little spot at the top edge.
  9. Hello, I have 2 submissions for the David Michelinie signing that's still at CCS. I was wanting to check in and make sure everything is ok.
  10. Hello, I was wondering if I could keep the Todd McFarland custom label I got with his last in house signing if I summit the comic again for the David Michelinie signing?
  11. I didn't even look, I pulled it out the bag and board to take the pic but didn't even come across my mind to check the centerfold.
  12. Hey guys, I seen this today and was wondering if it’s even fooling with. It’s pretty rough looking.
  13. Hey guys, would love to get some opinions on what grade you guys think it could get after a press and clean
  14. Hey guys, was wondering if you guys could give me your best guess on this Wolverine 1. Debating on having it graded and was wondering if it was worth it. I would have it pressed if I did have it graded.
  15. My book is still sitting at "Received at CCS" and I was charged by Classic Collectibles on 12/07 and then on 12/08 I was charged by Certified Guarantee. I don't think that's normal to pay that early and still not receive anything by now or am I wrong? I have always been charged by CGC the day before it was shipped, But since it is a signing I could be wrong.
  16. Hello, I sent a submission in for the Todd Mcfarlane signing. I ordered and sent out on Oct 20th, and shows it was delivered on the 24th but I still don't see it under my submissions. I put TM on all sides of the box to show it was for a signing. Was wondering if I did anything wrong on my part. Order# CGC0045145393
  17. Could I have a admin message me please
  18. Hello, I am trying to ask a question about my submission and costume labels but my post are not getting approved I think. I have tried twice now, the first time I thought maybe I messed up but my second post wasn't posted either. Am I doing or saying something wrong?
  19. Hey, I submitted 40 comics, out of the 40 when submitting them I could only get 16 with costume labels to show up. I was told to hand write on the forum on the ones I wanted labels on that I couldn't get to pop up. It's been so long so I actually can't remember which others I wanted the costume labels on. I noticed that 16 were at the "Scheduled for Grading", so does this mean that the ones I wrote on the submission forum wont be getting there costume label? This is the submission number for the 16. 3987133
  20. Thanks guys for the grades, I heard there was going to be a Todd McFarlane signing at CGC this Dec. I think I might seen this in for it, and hope for the best.
  21. Hey guys, looking for opinions about this 361. If you look at the staples they have so weird things happening. I will have it pressed and clean before grading, but would love some thought’s.
  22. Hey guys, just wondering what you guys think. I would have it pressed and clean before grading.
  23. I totally agree, after waiting 15 months for pressing and grading its hard to stomach. It feels like they just want your money and in return you can have a half finished item. I picked CGC cause I feel they were the best but now I have second thoughts.
  24. Hello, I got my order back yesterday and noticed 1 slab is thicker than any case I ever had. The comic inside is loose and moves around. Was wondering why it came that way. I add a pic of it beside a normal slab to see the difference. You can also see the space the comic has move around in. Plus was also wondering why I didn’t receive any graders notes on any of my books. There are 5 books ranging from 7.5 to 9.0 and none of them have notes.
  25. Would a press and cleaning help get rid of that red spot?