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Hall of Shame & Probation List Rules

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Please do not discuss this here. Any discussions before the 8/1 start date should take place in the Probation Discussions thread linked below:





HOS and Probation List Rules

The following Probation List Rules are in effect beginning 8/1/2011. Over some period of time these may be modified or expanded.


1) The 30-Day Rule

a) If a transaction between board members is not completed within 30 days, the offended party may submit the offender's name for inclusion to the HOS/Probation List (hereafter called the PL)


b) If the transaction is agreed on by both parties to take longer than 30 days - for example, a transaction involving time payments over a longer time, the 30 day clock begins from the time the agreed upon conditions were violated.


c) The 30-day rule is suspended if the accused refuses to complete the transaction or if the transaction cannot be completed due to, for example, the item being sold to someone else.


d) A Transaction between board members is not confined to the CGC Message Boards. Any transaction between forum members, regardless of the venue, is eligible for inclusion in the PL.


2) Notification on the Probation Discussion Thread

a) After the 30 Day Rule is fulfilled, the accuser will send a PM to the accused informing them the issue is being submitted to the Probation Discussion Thread for their inclusion in the PL. This should be a new PM and not part of an existing PM chain.


b) After the PM is sent the accuser may submit the accused for inclusion in the PL via the Probation Discussion Thread.


c) The accuser should outline as completely as possible the circumstances surrounding the transaction in dispute. Where possible include hyperlinks to board transactions and contact attempts along with dates.


d) If reasonable additional expenses are incurred the accuser may include them as part of the resolution. The validity of "reasonable additional expenses" may be subject to discussion.


e) If completing the transaction is no longer possible, the accuser may outline a proposed path to resolution.


3) Being Placed On The PL

a) After a 72-hour waiting period, if the accused does not respond they will be placed on the PL.


b) If the accused responds in the Probation Discussion Thread and it is determined the conditions of the transaction was not met, they will be added to the PL.


c) If the accused is not available during that 72-hour period and is placed on the PL, they are free to later respond in the Probation Discussion Thread and present their side.


d) If the accused has not responded in the Probation Discussion Thread but continues to post on the boards, a reply can be made informing them they are being considered for placement on the PL.


4) Removal From The PL

a) If the accuser requests the accused be removed form the PL, the accused will be removed.


b) If the accused makes full restitution to the satisfaction of the accuser, the accused will be removed from the PL.


c) If multiple accusers are involved, and full restitution is satisfactorily made to all accusers, the accused will be removed from the PL.


5) Probation List versus Hall Of Shame

a) The Probation List is for transactions that have not been fulfilled as promised.


b) The Hall Of Shame is for serious transgressions. For example, selling a book/books and sending nothing of value in the package. Interfering with someone's business. Being a multiple offender.


c) The Hall Of Shame candidate is subject to all of the above rules.


d) Inclusion in the Hall Of Shame must be decided by a poll.


e) Removal from the Hall Of Shame must be decided by a poll.


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