Silver Age Romance Comics
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No. I sold all my under-copies and am holding onto mt better condition ones.


I also have almost complete runs of all the Charlton, ACG and Prize romance comics.


In my experience, the early DC Golden Age romance comics are the hardest to find.


Some say the last several issues of the DC romance line are difficult to find,

but they do pop up from time to time.


Very HTF in high-grade, though. Just ask Greggy.

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Just lost out on a big lot of Silver Age romance books on ebay. :cry:


They went dirt cheap, but my spending limit was smaller than the other guy's because I already owned a quarter of the books in the lot so I was only bidding the amount I would spend on the issues I needed. Really bummed that i didn't get them though. Some very cool stuff.

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Awesome book. There's a teen humor thread in Gold that would be perfect for that book :)


Thank you! :)


And Thank you for the suggestion. I just posted it in that thread in Gold.

I really like your Comedy 6 that I saw there.

(thumbs u

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