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Displaying CGC!

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I would like to display my CGC graded collection all through my office by safely hanging the books on my wall. Is this practice damaging to my books? I am really fond of some of my babies and would like to show them off...I do not derive any pleasure by shoving them into boxes and also, I can't exactly read them anymore...what do guys think? Is displaying ok?



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Is displaying ok?


Others will have to speak up with details here, but the type of light,. the brightness of the light and the number of hours each day the light is on will be a major factor.


I don't know if the CGC holders are UV resistant. If not, not sure if companies are making UV holders for the CGC holders.


As far as temperature/humidity goes - if you are in an office it should be ok during work hours. But you might want to see what the building's facility department does during off-hours. You don't list a location in your profile. When I was in Boston I worked in a modern skyscraper Downtown (100 Summer Street) as a network administrator. When I was there 9-5 Monday-Friday it was always nice. the many times I got called in for emergencies - usally in the wee hours or on a weekend - suddenly that nice environemnt got really hot and humid in the summer. In the winter it was ok but those hot/humid summer after hours are not good for your books.


So it depends on your geography and your building owner's standards.


You may want to consider getting as good a Color Copy of your books as you can and displaying THOSE instead of the real deal.

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Displaying the books is OK as long as you regularly rotate what you display. Any prolonged exposure to light is bad news for comic books as it will fade the cover inks (especially red).

There are also certain types of lighting that are better to use than others (low UV).


You'd be much better off overall making quality colour copies of your books and displaying those.


The cold facts are that comic books optimum storage conditions are cool DARK places.

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