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The Scribbler... An Interesting Direct-To-DVD Superhero Origin Movie

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I picked it up at Walmart to watch tonight.


It's based on an Image graphic novel.


It stars Arrow's Kate Cassidy and is about...


"a woman (Katie Cassidy) suffering from multiple personality disorder and committed to a mental institution. While at the hospital, she is given an experimental procedure known as 'The Siamese Burn'. This experiment is actually designed to delete all of the other personalities she has except her main one. Now, after the treatment, she needs to be transferred to a halfway house in order to monitor her recovery. While she is living in the 'recovery house' some of the residents die at an alarming rate. This is the mystery she has to solve or die herself."


The Scribbler's Wiki page


So, the main character Suki is sent to this half-way house for troubled young adults where they literally plummet out of the windows regularly (how come they don't lock things up is a head scratcher hm ). Suki's therapy treatment there consists of a souped of electroshock machine that eliminates her multiple personalities one by one with each jolt she is required to take.


Complications ensue from a jealous girlfriend of her fwb partner, a talking dog, a nudist roaming the halls and an elevator that hates her. Arrow fans get a lengthy topless Kate Cassidy sex scene to balance things. :)


There also is a Dark City-like investigation aided by Buffy's Faith (Eliza Dushku) about the suicides (Suki being a suspect). The main problem with these scenes is that some of the writing is translated into some over dramatic acting.


But, we get a brief cameo with Raj from the Big Bang Theory as a rather calm doctor in the midst of chaos.


I liked this movie up until the last 20 minutes. Basically, at the end it's obvious stunt women under costumes hanging off wires. Before that stuff, it conveys some witty themes about mental illness, who we really are on the inside and the insanity super heroics. A similar looking funnybook movie released this year Sparks: Origin of Ian Sparks had a similar look, but none of the characters really reacted with the set design it established like this one.


Interesting, but they need to showcase more of Kate Cassidy as the hero "The Scribbler" she becomes and not some mute stunt woman under a bad Halloween wig.


Two out of four stars.


Check it out anyway. :)





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I know my two star rating doesn't inspire a lot confidence that this movie is gonna be entertaining let alone desrves a thread in Comics General. But, Katie Cassidy really holds carries this movie on her shoulders with class despite the genre conventions of the climax. Even with her wisecracks, you feel sympathy for her as she slowly is unraveling as she's wondering if she is actually just split-personality to her inner hero "The Scribbler" as she slowly eliminates her multiple personalities through electroshock. Will Suki exist whe she gets down to one personality. She proves herself as her Suki character during the opening five minutes, when she arrives at the building to have a young gurl jumper land on the pavement at her feet. With a world weariness, she merely wipes the blood from her own face and moves inside as if this could be an ordinary common occurance for a crazy person. Granted, if I see young gurls at coventions dressed in skin-tight skeleton body suits, I gonna think they're giving a nod to Donnie Darko. But, I think this might find a minor niche down the road with the cosplayers because of the "who am I?" theme. This is one of those "almost" movies.

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