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Avengers: Timeslide

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Hi Gemma -


Is there more than one issue of Avengers: Timeslide that has been slabbed?


If so, could you please create a new set?






I'm sorry, there is only one book in the series. I can not build a competitive set that only contain one book. I'm open for other suggestions for Avengers: Timeslide to be added elsewhere. Please let me know your thoughts.




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The only thing I can think of would be to create an Avengers set that is complete with all tie-ins and minis, but that would be massive and hardly worth it.


What prompted me to say this is that you created a Fantastic Four Complete set which includes variants, but those are from the main series and doesn't contain all of the various FF mini series that have popped up along the way.


Hardly seems worth it to create another set just to get Avengers: Timeslide included somewhere.


Thanks for entertaining my question!



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