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Lead and Steel

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Johnny DC was an icon for DC but he never appeared on any covers(at least not that I know of)

Go-Go checks were a sixties item too,but they were just temporary..


OK,you know where the current DC "bullet" resides now,right? On the upper left hand corner of most every DC comic that's published now.(This design has been used since the late '70's)


In the '60's the DC symbol was way different and it said "Superman,National Comics" with "DC" right in the center.


What was this particular symbol called?

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Give you a hint mister_comics.

Go to Mile High Comics website,look up Batman #200 and look in the left hand corner.What was *that* symbol called.

Yes DC stands for "Detective Comics",but it wasn't what I was after....

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How about the EDITORIAL ADISORY BOARD symbol?


I looked through all my old Batman's and issue #85 is the first one to have this symbol inside the book and on the 22nd page it has this symbol shown along with the words EDITORIAL ADVISOR BOARD. Is that it?


Or are you talking about the little symbol that looks like NORTH AMERICA below it??? It has the letters "id" in it.


Do I get a NO-PRIZE? I already have one from Stan Lee.


Will I ever get this answer right. Does anyone really know what time it is. Does anyone real care?

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OK,it was known(perhaps unofficially?) as "the slug".


That's because it IS a slug. A "slug" is printing/advertising etc. slang for a logo. When i was in advertising (don't hate me) you'd hear things like "where do you want to put the slug?" etc.

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..and that rhymes with bug.


Bug, did you have anything to do with this? Bronze, are you absolutely sure it wasn't really called a slugaboo?


Think hard, I think I may have something here. confused.gif


By the way:


You know, you keep asking questions and then answering them. Why not ask something you don't know the answer to and give someone else a chance to win. mad.gifgrin.gif

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