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Question to those who shop Metropolis and/or ComicConnect
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16 hours ago, rumrunner71 said:

I agree about the new design. I tend to sift through on a mobile device, and move over to the computer if I find anything of interest. The old site was super easy to scroll through and browse. Now, it's just cumbersome, especially on a mobile device. Also, the old Metropolis site used to have the collections and some great sales listed in the margin of the page. These seem to me to be harder to find. Unfortunately, it means I tend not to go there as often.

Same, I quit visiting that shop.

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On 6/12/2020 at 12:00 AM, The-Collector said:

I don't mind the new site. I like that I can search for past sales (which wasn't available for most items previously).


On 6/14/2020 at 2:01 PM, chim247 said:

Their new website(s) format is alright enough. Other dealers websites could be critiqued for their own flaws as well. No one is or will ever be perfect.

I would defintely agree with both points being mentioned here, especially with respect to the fact that their auction archives has finally been brought up to date and incorporating results on a much more real time basis.  :applause:

Since I am not a computer nerd by any stretch of the imagination, I also didn't have any problem with the speed of their system.  I guess with their 3-minute extended auction formats, that's tons of time to navigate your way through everything from my point of view.  They probably do need to tweak that are finishing because they were kind of dropping in randomly, as opposed to falling in place at the top of the first page as per previous Event Auctions.  (shrug)

If I was a potential consignor though, I would definitely have second thoughts about consigning any books to them now that they are seemingly using your books as an autolink to promote all other copies of the same book which they have for sale in their inventory.  Especially when this is right in the middle of when the auction for your copy of the same book is taking place.  doh!  :screwy:

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I'm more upset with how long they take to ship items.  It's almost been 4 weeks now that I won an item at their auction and it still has not been shipped yet.  I emailed them and they blamed the pandemic.  That being said the last time I won an item from them a few years ago it also took like 4 weeks for them to ship the item.  They certainly cash the checks fast enough though....

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