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Need grading assistance and some order...

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So I have some of the HUNDREDS of cards that I do have starting from the 1999 Pokemon Basic Set-Unlimited, 1st edition, fossil, 1st edition fossil, jungle, etc....most all are in TOP Mint condition especially the 1 of the 4 Machamp 1st edition holos are in a separately single wrapped by itself! I know I have a decent collection and was just thinking about going with PSA but their times are horrible rn but had been thinking about going here with CSG instead since their prices and turnaround times are great!!! Just that I know PSAs REPUTATION proceeds them idk if the wait and money is worth it just on some rare but not SUPER SUPER RARE to where I'm looking to make a FORTUNE off of everything I DO HAVE...if anyone can possibly chime in and maybe lmk a few different things that would be GREAT!!! Thanks


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I've just sent my first set of 80 cards to be graded by CGC. first time grader. From what I understand based on a lot of research, CGC is one of the harshest graders out there and getting 10's is no easy feat. This has a very good upside in the long term value of cards, especially vintage. PSA are known to throw out weak psa 10's. they let a lot slide, especially centering. I've seen some truly horrible psa 10's that have atrocious centering. when serious collectors want a true 10, they are going to look for graded cards that are actual 10s, like beckett black label pristine, or CGC 10 pristine. It's only a matter of time before consumers over collectors figure this out and I personally believe within 3-5 years a CGC pristine 10 slab will be of equal value to a beckett black label and more prized than a psa 10. 

very excited to get my first CGC order back, I'm not expecting many 10's at all out of my 80 i sent, but i know hitting maybe a few will be incredible long term holds.

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