[CLOSED] OCTOBERFEST: cheaper stuff, gold through modern, all grades, all types of stuff.
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General Rules:

  • No probation list members or hall of shame members. I reserve the right to not sell to anyone that I have on ignore.
  • First post in the thread that says they want a book wins it. I don't go by timestamps, I go by post order. 
  • Please either quote the book or post clearly with what you are taking.
  • A "take it" in the thread trumps any and all PM negotiations until the post has been updated as sold in the thread.
  • If you are the first person to post the sign, THE BOOK IS GOING TO YOU. No swapping, no switching, no passing. This was a huge headache last time, so I can't accommodate those requests any more. Sorry.    
  • I likely won't have time to respond to PMs until I am done listing for the day. Bear this is mind if you want to make offers.   


  • Payment by Paypal is fine up to $400. After that, check or money order or other fee-less payments only for domestic orders. 
  • Time payments: they are fine, but contact me first. Time payments require a 20% nonrefundable down payment. If you are on time payments, please settle up with me prior to making other board purchases.
  • Invoices will go out a few days after the thread ends. No need to PM me asking how to pay, I promise I will PM you!


  • I WILL ONLY SHIP INSIDE THE U.S. If you are outside of the US you have to provide an address inside the U.S. to ship to. 
  • Shipping is extra. Domestic goes by Priority. 


  • I take them. 
  • Grade disputes: returns accepted up to 10 days after delivery, no questions asked. Buyer pays return shipping unless I missed something major. 
  • Resto: returns accepted for resto on raw books up to 10 days after delivery, or up to 6 months on CGC graded issues. I will pay for return shipping. I do not pay for grading costs. 
  • I do not give refunds on books that come back a different grade from CGC.
  • All sales on CGC graded books are final.
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Mostly cheaper books this time, but there will be some keys, some high grade silver, some other things. Will probably list off and on this week, until I am done. I have 150-200 comics to get through. 

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