Solar Boy 6th Sale 2021---Hulk #181 + ASM Run....Startime 10/9 @6pm
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I am purchasing a very nice collection that I will be selling on the boards starting next week so I need to free up some cash.  I also have a very nice run of ASM already purchased that I will be starting to sell over this coming weekend.  Will end 2021 with a nice bang.  So here is one book to help me keep buying comics.  Please take a look.  Love this copy but it needs a good home. Thank you for looking.


Now for the:




  •   No PL/HOS members

  •  First  :takeit: trumps all PM negotiations.  Once we agree in PM then you can post the Take.  Thanks

  •  I'll take Check or Money order only for this sale.  Thank you

  • When the thread is over an invoice will be sent with my address and paypal info--- :luhv:

  •  I'll expect payment within 3 calendar days of invoice, or the book will be available for sale again (unless we've made other payment arrangements)

  • USA: $15.50 shipping priority mail for this graded comics

  • USA: 1-3 comics--$5.99, 4-7 Comics---$9.99, 8+ Comics---$15.50

  •  Canada: $35 for Shipping. Overseas- Shipping at cost. I only ship overseas to established board members that I've dealt with.

  • General Policy: I Will NOT Accept returns on graded comics....sowwy but for Comics I will within 30 days of receipt.....

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I will keep the hulk on for the rest of the Sale but im starting an ASM run today.  This will be a 5 day sale starting tonight.  I will do 50-60 comics per day.  Low grade for the first 30 or so but still a great run at affordable prices.  Changing the shipping for this thread to accommodate the raws.  Thank you.....start time is 6pm Cali time.....see you all there...

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Ok here we go.  I will show front and back pics and notate any flaws I can see.  Im being conservative with grades so if I miss anything in grading its in your favor.  Please take a look and lets have some fun.

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