slabbed peds f.s. some extremely rare [and maybe unique]--open and see what i mean... CLOSED. moving to gold/silver/bronze

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i'll take it on the thread trumps p.m.'s, but i'll listen to reasonable counters.  retursn will be accepted, just let me know w/in 3 days of delivery of book.  shipping $15 domestic, we'll have to figure out foreign.

i've long had ped type-sets for both gold and silver, and double up where a ped straddled eras.  but a geek asked me this week why i needed, for example, a 1955 copy of a given ped AND a 1957 book, to boot.   "a ped is a ped," he said.  so, the herd will thin.

so i'm going to now have a single type-set of any ped thru 12/69.   i'll still have doubles [or more] where a book fills a hole in a certain run, but where i have the book only for ped purposes, i'll be listing it here.  

why i say rare/unique:  the issues themselves may not be rare, but, again for example, a g.a. twin cities book is rare, a g.a. fantucchio may be unique...  let's see what i can come up with.   



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