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I recently indexed all my incomplete and coverless books needing some attention.   I know SA married books are qualified but let’s get qualified together.  Anyone need or have something to help me out.  Here’s the short marvel list…  the DC and esoteric list is a lot longer.. and the GA list is even more fun 913C7F53-22E1-4AD6-95E8-F29CB98EBD54.thumb.jpeg.e7f84148c7f54a97b18ac2e9f30ab533.jpeg38CB00D5-8D31-4283-8E8F-824D87C8DC5A.thumb.jpeg.2697737068b6dfbc60dbdaeef755f523.jpegE2EAB33B-4AFF-44B4-9D7C-5DBE688823D9.thumb.jpeg.b9e6b5dc74fcc606bcebe2634b4cd28d.jpeg

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A while back I discovered that the Fantastic Four 52 I’ve owned for decades is missing a non-story page. I didn’t notice it when I read it, as I was just a newbie.

A couple of months ago, I happened to see a guy on eBay offer several loose pages from FF52. I messaged him about ad pages and he said he’d look.

Today he found it! A silver age marriage! A Christmas miracle! 

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