The Mildly Spectacular Holiday Mixed Sale [CLOSED]
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Greetings all. This thread will be approximately 70+ books from Silver to Modern. Some keys, some #1s, and some random odds and ends.
I've made every effort to grade and price accurately. If you see something that doesn't make sense or simply seems off, please reach out. It is almost certainly a mistake.
I'm always open to offers, especially for multiple or larger purchases.

The Rules:
- First :takeit: in the thread receives the book or books. If there are negotiations occurring via PM and an in-thread claim occurs, it trumps the negotiations.
- No one that's on a list. 
- Shipping will be via USPS First Class or Priority Mail at cost.
- Returns are accepted within 10 days of delivery as long as the book is in the same shape it was sent.
- Payment can be made via Paypal, Zelle, BTC or ETH, or by check if we've done business before.
- Kudos from board sales/buys can be found here.

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On 11/28/2021 at 6:16 PM, USCMitch said:

Strange Tales 178

665860179_StrangeTales178Front.thumb.jpg.6b71e1c2d3fb25684df1017aba64626c.jpg 1812605574_StrangeTales178Back.thumb.jpg.45716aa7b6ecd1088da4b8c1a1cf56af.jpg


On 11/28/2021 at 6:22 PM, USCMitch said:

Thor 1

2117366676_Thor1Front.thumb.jpg.95c82067c687e9c1eaad7467b05fc064.jpg 1614053347_Thor1Back.thumb.jpg.6af7fe0eeac1d80e23bd794a98f00293.jpg

:takeit: these two ...

Per P.M. ... Thanks, Mitch


-jimbo(a friend of jesus)(thumbsu

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Strange Adventures Lot:
Strange Adventures 207 7.0
Strange Adventures 211 7.5 (Previously graded CGC 7.5. Label included)
Strange Adventures 212 7.0
Strange Adventures 213 7.5
Strange Adventures 215 7.0
$250 $200

IMG_20211128_0001.thumb.jpg.dde05df7436123be0179c0eaf2c081f7.jpg IMG_20211128_0002.thumb.jpg.c7306c2b21223b29b94977f77fc684e2.jpg

IMG_20211128_0003.thumb.jpg.d929da94ec4284e52afecb8712029023.jpg IMG_20211128_0004.thumb.jpg.0e9b6943e26070735eb9413877d175df.jpg


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