CLOSED Walking Dead 127-193 Complete! WD Trades Volumes 1-32 Complete Set! DC Newsstands post-2000!

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Offering a nice run of original series Walking Dead single issues, the complete Walking Dead trade paperback series, and a heap of post-2000 DC newsies!



Payment is by Paypal, Venmo, personal check or money order (latter two methods must wait for receipt and clearance).

Shipping in the CONUS for the two Walking Dead lots is priced into the sale price for each, international or Canada I'm amenable but please realize it will be prohibitive given the weight of each item. For the DC Newsies, shipping is any way you like: for U.S. buyers 1-3 comics can go via USPS First Class for $5.00, 4+ comics can go USPS Priority Mail at cost, or buy any amount and have them sent by USPS Media Mail for a flat $5.00 charge. International or Canadian boardies will be exact shipping charges, please inquire beforehand if you have any concerns. I don't usually ship outside of the US (but am willing to make an exception for fellow boardies) so I have no idea what the shipping charges will be (and it depends on volume of course). 

Those on the PL or in the HOS are not permitted to buy. If you are on ignore, you cannot buy. If you are on my personal list, you cannot buy. 

:takeit: in the thread rules all. PM negotiations are trumped by in-thread take-its if not completed before the take-it. 

Returns - I will accept returns for any reason, just reach out and tell me what's the matter!

That's about it. Thanks for looking!

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Sixty-Nine issues of The Walking Dead, #s 127-193 complete, and Negan Lives! #1, all first printings, plus the second printing of issue 192 featuring the Rick Grimes memorial cover.

Price $250 shipped!

The entire original Walking Dead run from the time-jump in issue 127 all the way through to the end of the series with the death of Rick Grimes (spoiler alert!), and beyond in the Negan Lives solo title! 

All issues are Near Mint/Near Mint+ or better condition (9.4-9.6 out of 10) with white interior page quality! Super high grade run hand-picked off the shelves by me each month at my LCS (Midtown Comics where there are tons of copies of choose from)! Plenty of 9.8s in this collection!















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The Walking Dead Volumes 1-32, complete trade paperback set!

Price $280 Shipped!


The complete Walking Dead series in trade form, from issue one to the end of the run! Trades are in nice shape, maybe some minor shelf wear here and there. No rips, tears, or pieces missing.







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A heap of DC Post-2000 Newsies - I offered a bunch of these here early last year, but there are a whole lot of new ones as well in this batch. See list below with title/#/grade of each issue - see scans for the volume, etc. so you know what you are getting (apologies for the random nature of the list), scans will be in groups in subsequent posts (I will try to be consistent with the list). Just list the issue(s) you want with take-it in your response. 

Price $5.00 Each!

Action Comics 800 - VG/F

Batman 40 VF

Batman 580 Fine + (1/4" tear bottom spine back cover)

Batman 581 F/VF

Detective 794 F/VF

Green Arrow 23 F/VF

Catwoman 21 Fine (1" spine split bottom spine)

Batman and Robin 17 F/VF



All Star Superman 2 F/VF

Legion of Super-Heroes 13 VF

Legion of Super-Heroes 14 VF/NM

Legion of Super-Heroes 16 F/VF


Green Lantern Corps 14 VF+

Green Lantern Corps 15 F/VF

Green Lantern Corps 16 F/VF



Green Lantern Corps 20 F/VF

Green Lantern Corps 21 F/VF

Superman 698 F/VF

Superman 699 F/VF

Batman Dark Knight 11 VF

Batman Dark Knight 13 F/VF

Green Lantern New Guardians 16 F/VF

Green Lantern New Guardians 18 F/VF

Green Lantern New Guardians 19 VF-


Batman Incorporated 8 Fine +

Justice League 14 F/VF

Justice League 18 F/VF

Green Lantern 17 F/VF

Green Arrow 25 F/VF

Green Arrow 46 F/VF

Action Comics 11 F/VF

Action Comics 12 F/VF

Action Comics 17 F/VF

Batgirl 17 VF

Green Lantern Corps 50 VF

Teen Titans 91 Fine +

Batman Gates of Gotham 1 F/VF

Adventure Comics 516 F/VF

Adventure Comics 529 F/VF

Green Lantern Corps 35 Fine

Flash Fastest Man Alive 13 F/VF

Flash Fastes Man Alive 13 variant F/VF

Green Lantern 130 F/VF

Green Lantern 153 F/VF

Batman 647 F/VF

Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 212 Fine (small spine split bottom spine)

JLA Classified 28 F/VF

JLA Classified 30 VF

Superman 4 F/VF

Superman 10 F/VF

Superman 11 F/VF

Superman 12 Fine +

Superman 14 VF

Aquaman 14 F/VF

Aquaman 17 Fine +

Superman 18 Fine +

Superman 19 F/VF

Batwoman 12 F/VF

Catwoman 9 F/VF

Action Comics 887 VF-

Action Comics 888 F/VF

Action Comics 889 Fine +

Action Comics 892 F/VF

Action Comics 893 F/VF

Swamp Thing 3 F/VF

Swamp Thing 10 F/VF

Nightwing 17 F/VF

Nightwing 19 VF

Flash 16 VF

Red Lanterns 6 F/VF

Superman 651 F/VF

Superman 657 F/VF

Superman 658 VF


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