CGC Books for sale! My Slabbage, for your Cabbage!
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Hey y'all :hi: 

Going to be doing a board sale. Got some books scanned and the C's are playing in the background. Thankfully I have one team doing well. Yanks are as exciting as a root canal and my Everton are going to the wrong side of the Stanley Park tomorrow and are looking to be on the wrong side of a relegation battle :cry:  Anywhooo, for those of you that do not know me Ive been around for a long time  :preach: but have not posted much lately. 

So, some up front rules :rulez:

No Probation or HoS members

If someone is on the list and you feel the need to let me know (which is ok) do it politely.

:takeit: overrules any negotiations going on via PM. Time stamp will determine if there is a :takeit: in the thread and one in a PM

Shipping for slabs will be $15 for 1-3 and then over that we will figure it out. Again, I am not trying to gouge anyone. Shipping will generally occur in 1-2 days after payment is made. Although I will try and ship as soon as feasible.

I accept Paypal, Venmo (im hip and cool aint I :wink:) check (gotta clear unless I know you) or money order.

Returns handled on a case by case basis. CGC books...well they are what they are. In the end I am going to try and work things out. I am, much like Don Vito Corleone...reasonable. But lets get any return done inside 10 days from you receiving the book.

Questions? Ask em

Offers? I like 'em! Send em via PM. Worst thing I can say is no. 

So lets start with the slabbage books shall we! :banana:

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