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Hi to all, I'm a long time French collector of comics from all continents. I mainly accumulate what I found on my way, old school style. I decided to move some of my American books to buy some other ones as prices are moving up those days. I have been coming a lot in the US (mainly NYC) since 30 years now. I  come 4 to 6 time a year, next trip will be next month I think. I would be happy to meet any golden age collectors in NYC by the way, same if some of you come in Paris. I will probably move more books this year and put them here first. 

That's the first time  I'm selling books here so 

-Any questions are welcome PM

-I very carrefuly pack so no stress on that

-paypal only

trades might be an option for SH timely.

first :takeit:get it

cost of shipping is 25€ under 1kg with tracking and it's 5/7 days

Don't forget that I'm in France it's 10.40pm here now, so if you don't get a prompt answer, it's that I zzz



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