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Over the next 8 weeks I will be listing hundreds of books from multiple collections founded in Thunder Bay (north shore of Lake Superior) and some books from my personal collection. The collections are composed of every genre, including titles from DC, Marvel and independent distributors.   Of note, because of the cool temperatures and low humidity in the Northern Ontario region, many of the issues exhibit snowy white page quality.  In addition, there maybe a smattering of other books, including key CGC books, bound editions and group lots etc.. Furthermore, I always try and price books for the collector, as I’m primarily a collector myself. Most of the books and titles listed come from three different collections that been named the  “Sleeping Giant Collection", "Border Run Collection" and the "Lakehead Collection".  Thanks for looking!

*none of the books that will be listed have been pressed to my knowledge.

•    Shipping is may or may not be included in listed price for individual raw books or slabs. If shipping is included it will be denoted.
•    I ship only to Canada and continental United States
•    Shipping price will be based on location and number of books purchased
•    I will always work with you on preferred shipping method and shipping price, especially if multiple books purchased
•    All purchases (books) will be packed securely and I will provide a tracking number if available for your chosen shipping method.
•    I generally ship minimum once a week or more frequently if required.

•    Happy to entertain offers via PM, but :takeit:  in the thread always wins.
•     If a deal is made in via PM, I will ask you to post :takeit: to the long as nobody beats you to the punch with a commitment at asking price...then the books will be yours.
•    When claiming a book please either "quote" the book you're taking or state the issue you are claiming if not quoting the issue posted.
•    CGC books as stated, but I will let you know if any apparent defects with casing (slab)
•    As many of you know, grading raw books is very subjective. I will offer my opinion, but please review images to determine the grade for yourself. 
•    If you would like additional images on a particular book please don't hesitate to PM.

•    Preferred payment method is PayPal. Willing to do e-transfer for Canadian residents.
•    Payment is due within 5 business days of invoice, or I reserve the right to cancel.
•    If you want to delay your invoice because your waiting on upcoming books please PM to let me know
•    Any sale is final, no returns.

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This page will be for available books:

Page 1 (10% off)

CGC Wolverine Limited series 1-4   (#1 9.6; #2 9.0 Canadian Price Variant; #3 9.4 & #4 9.4 all white pages)       $525.00 USD shipped

Marvel Premiere 50 1st Alice Cooper NM+ $100.00 USD

Marvel Premiere 50 1st Alice Cooper NM- $75.00 USD

Evil Ernie 1/2 Chaos-Wizard 2 NM+ copies for $10.00USD

Evil Ernie "Youth Gone Wild" 1-5 NM+ $15.00 USD

Evil Ernie "Destroyer" 1-9 NM+ $35.00 USD

Evil Ernie "War of the Dead" 1-3 plus #3 variant NM+ $30.00 USD

Evil Ernie "Straight to Hell" 1-5 NM+ set plus Trashcan copy $25.00 USD

Evil Ernie " The Resurrection" & "Youth Gone Wild" NM+ TPB $20.00 USD

Evil Ernie "Depraved" 1-3 NM+ $12.00 USD

Page 2 (10% off)

Evil Ernie 1 shot lot $15.00 USD

Elvira Mistress of the Dark 115 High grade lot (small comic box) $265.00 USD:news:Sold

Ice Cream Man #8 Cover B NM+ $75.00 USD

Walking Dead #180 NM+ Variant $10.00 USD

Batman Harley and Ivy NM++ 1-3 $40.00 USD

Harley Quinn Comic Lot NM++ 1-7, 9,11-38 $175.00 USD

Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 1-11 NM++ set 1st Ironheart 2 sets available $125.00 USD per set

Shuri 1-10 NM++ set $120.00 USD

Power Girl 1-21 NM++ Comic Lot including variant #1 & 2 $150.00 USD

Immortal Hulk 1 1:1000 sketch variant John Buscema NM/?NM+  $295.00 USD

Page 3 (10% off)

Sonic the Hedgehog 290 NM. Low Print Run. 6 copies available. $50.00 USD per copy

Star Spangled Comics #47 DC 1945. Last war cover. GD-2.0 $65.00 USD

CGC 4.0 Amazing Adventures 11 1st furry beast $125.00 USD

Moon Knight 1980's 17 issue lot. 1st series (1,2, 4-7, 22-28, 31-33 & 36) All newsstand copies $125.00 USD

Warlock Lot #1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 11, 11, & 12. $80.00 USD

Superman 233 GD (reader copy) Classic Neal Adams cover!$25.00 USD

Moon Knight #1 NM copy. (Marc Spectre) $25.00 USD

Page 4 (10% off)

Tales Of Suspense 48 GD/2.0 1st Red & Gold Armor.  $75.00 USD

CGC 2.5 Strange Tales 86 $110.00 USD

CGC 7.5 Dr. Strange 179 $200.00 USD

CGC 4.0 Sub-Mariner 5 $200.00 USD

CGC 5.0 Marvel Super-Heroes 12 $165.00 USD

CGC 8.5 Where Monsters Dwell 1 (John G Pedigree) $150.00 USD

CGC 7.0 Warlock 1 (Savanah Pedigree $150.00 USD

CGC 7.0 Tales To Astonish 57 (Bethlehem Pedigree) $475.00 USD

Page 5

ASM 207 FN $3.00

ASM 209 FN copy A 1st Calypso $15.00 USD

ASM 209 FN copy B 1st Calypso $15.00 USD

ASM 211 VG $3.00 USD

ASM 219 FN/VF $3.00 USD

ASM 223 VG $2.00 USD

Page 6

ASM 237 VG/FN $2.00 USD

ASM 241 VF- $6.00 USD

ASM 244 VF- $6.00 USD

ASM 248 VF+ $5.00 USD

ASM 249 VG+ $2.00 USD

ASM 253 FN $5.00 USD

ASM 267 VG $2.00 USD

ASM 271 VG $3.00 USD

ASM 275 VF $10.00 USD

Page 7

CGC Journey into Mystery 62 3.5 $700.00 USD

CGC Tales to Astonish 29 3.5 $150 USD

ASM run 259 through 846 (see specific pages for available books) Pg 7-12

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Ok...going to be in and out of work today.  Also, I will be taking a look at another collection today...heavy on Spidey's if anyone likes that character.  Should be able to get up to a dozen listings here shortly. Thanks for everyone's patience.

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