Original Art Show Friday Night with Black Panther/ Namor and 1st APP of Shuri original art available (pics below)
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Join Dynamic Forces Friday Night (Nov 11th: 7-8pm ET) for The Original Art Show

Premiering Black Panther and Namor Original Art! 

Shuri 1st Appearance Original Art!

Join us to see Complete Book of Black Panther issues #1, #2 and #4!

The first appearance of Shuri in issue #2! 

Second appearance of Shuri in issue #4!

First appearance of Black Panther's grandfather Azzuri in issue #1 facing off against Captain America!

Story encompasses "Who is Black Panther?" story arc!

Source material for 2010 BET animated series and first Black Panther Movie!

Check out Sub-Mariner #43 Original Cover Art by Legendary creators Gil Kane and Mike Esposito from 1971!

See Marvel Super-Heroes #33 Original Cover Art by the one and only Jim Starlin (one of the architects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe)  and Joe Sinnott from 1972!

AND, Amazing Spider-Man #42 and #59 CGC Graded from JOHN ROMITA SR'S personal pedigree collection.  A chance to own an item from Romita Sr's File copy collection!

 Only on THE EXP!

Tune in to watch at The EXP FRIDAY


asm #1 romita.jpg

ASM #42 ROMITA.jpg

ASM #59 ROMITA.jpg


asm #1 comic.jpg











Marvel Super Heroes #33 Cover by Jim Starlin and Joe Sinnott.jpg



SubMariner #43 Cover by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia.jpg

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