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So, in 1983, Nestle ran a promotion that included reprints of the Superman origin story from Action Comics 1. These reproduce the original cover (with the 10c price, although these were giveaways) on a 16-page, paper-cover comic. They look like this:


Several sources, including GCD and MCS, have listings but no images for a "50c" Nestle reprint of Action Comics 1. I'm aware of the 50c 50th Anniversary reprints, in 1988 -- which actually have both direct market and newsstand editions, both with Superman on a yellow background for the back cover. There's also apparently a circa 1991 50c reprint that uses the same style of price box as the Anniversary reprints, but white-on-black instead of black-on-white (and evidently also has blank inner covers); no idea where that came from, but pretty sure it's not the Nestle book.

I can't find any evidence that a Nestle-branded Action Comics 1 with a 50c cover price actually exists. Have I overlooked something, or are there just some errors (or nihilartikels) in the databases?

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