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ECCC 2023 Witnesses or Facilitators?
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1.  There's a 'noob' thread in Signature Room main subforum.  It's stickied at the top.  You would probably benefit from reading it to get some of the basics.

2.  the CGC company website has a calendar of events that they (CGC) are actually attending.

2a.  If CGC are attending a convention, you basically show up at the CGC booth, and ask for a CGC witness to follow you to get your books signed, UNLESS they have specific signings or other specific instructions for that signer.  But rules are different for every event and sometimes vary by signer, so for best results probably best to contact CGC ahead of time to get an understanding of the process for your specific situation.

3.  If CGC are not attending, you will need to get your books witnessed by a certified CGC SS Facilitator (generally an independent contractor, not an employee of CGC), if one is going to your event.  You can scour this specific subforum and look for one.  If you find one going to the event you're interested in, contact them ASAP about the process and details.  

4.  If you cannot find a facilitator attending the event you are interested, you can offer higher and higher cash bounties until a facilitator agrees to come to your event.  


Good luck.

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