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Please don't turn into PSA 2.0!! PUMP THE BRAKES!!
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I was so excited when I got my first CSG slab from Ebay and saw how high quality and clear the slab was. The label took a bit of getting used to but I'm totally cool with it now and starting to really like it.

I submitted my first bulk order almost a month ago exactly, it still hasn't been checked in. I also submitted a Walkthrough that was checked in on 4/13 and scheduled for grading.


I completely understand you guys had no way of knowing PSA would shut down and are trying to handle the huge influx of orders. I've got over 1000 cards sitting at PSA for over 8 months now, so I'm using to waiting.


My biggest complaint is the lack of communication with delays. You guys are following in PSA"s footsteps to at tee when you should be watching HGA and seeing how they are handling things. You guys have to get in front of this avalanche before you are backed up for 8-10 months too. CSG slabs are great but I'm not sure if a new company can handle customers being impatient and pissed off like PSA can. People are sick of PSA but put up with the delays and games because their slabs command the highest resale value. 


You need to update customers on what dates you are currently getting checked in without them having to call. You should consider putting limits in place when capacity is pushed to its max (ex: 100 cards per month per customer). Or even raise rates after a certain amount. There are all kinds of options to throttle the influx. Being more transparent and upfront with all of this goes a long way. I'm becoming more and more hesitant to send in cards because honestly at this point I think bulk orders could take 6-8 months to get back. We have no idea what to expect.


This sounds like a lot of complaining which I guess it is but I really want you guys to be successful because I am sick and tired of dealing with PSA and don't want to have to go through the same things again when in my mind as a business owner these issues could be resolved or at least worked out over time. 



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