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Grading Teirs

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On 7/14/2021 at 2:57 PM, SportCardsSpot/eBay said:

Need to clarify that each tier’s value is only a max value or that I can submit a card express tier, even if it’s Mint 10 value is currently below a lower tier’s max?

Can CSG decide to bump the cards down a tier for any reasons?

Yes, each tier is a card's max value. CSG does not arbitrarily decide to lower the cards value. If the estimates are completely off the mark, for example, then the value is adjusted.


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These people are the definition of "Bad at what we do" It's the new American way. Being horrible at what you do. CSG ARE THE POSTERBOYS.

They have been completely unable to manage incoming submissions. And deliver anything close to what they sold us. 

I sent CSG 16 different submissions in April and May. These submissions were mostly bulk value submissions at $8 per card with a 60 business day "estimated" turnaround time. However 3 were Standard submissions at $25 per card and had an "estimated" turnaround time of 30 days. 

Fast forward 70 business days...

I have yet to have a single submission graded by these incompetent A holes. They refuse to acknowledge that they messed up and furthermore refuse to take responsibility and act accordingly. 


My 3 Standard submissions are all over DOUBLE their estimated turnaround times and 2 of the 3 have not even been entered into their system. This tells me its only going to get closer to a 3x or 4x turnaround time multiplier for those! So I'm looking at a minimum 75 business day turnaround time for submissions I'm forced to pay $25 a card on and that was sold to me as a 30 day turnaround time. 

Today, sick of being taken advantage of and hearing excuses from them about how horrible they are at what they do, I called customer service and ensured I spoke to supervisor. I explained how 2-4x multipliers on 30 day submissions is not acceptable and I felt like they should only charge me the bulk value pricing that they actually are delivering.

I was told that this is what is basically, and just to deal with it and that they would not be offering any credit or cancelations for orders they have already received. It didn't matter that their 30 business day estimate has already turned in to 75 days and I'm looking at over 100 days for the 2 submissions that haven't even been opened yet... 

These people are hopelessly incompetent and refuse to do right by their customers. In short, they won't be in business long. I would advise you to stay away from this company as they are:

A) Horrible at what they do

B) Hopelessly incompetent at running a business 

C) Have absolutely no problem screwing over their customers 

D) Have a very short life trajectory as a company so the slabs will be worthless in a couple of years. 

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I see a lot of similar issues, but so far my submissions were on time or only went over 1 day + 1 day for FedEx to pick it up, but they did close due to the tropical storm which was posted, so technically on time. I will agree that I received somewhat mixed messages from customer service and accounting, but things were resolved after two calls.

I thought they technically just opened to the public in April/May and started short staffed based on my emails. I also waited until June to submit my first order, but I don't recall getting any coupons in April or May that would have let me grade at the $8 bulk rate for less than the minimum 50 card bulk submission, but assuming you joined a bulk order with a card shop or something. Hopefully it's resolved soon.

Just in reading other comments and experience with other companies, and knowing they immediately raised the price and tried to hire 500 people. The only thing I know of that works perfect on the first day are roller coasters and they're still jerky. They likely got hit with a ridiculous amount of bulk cards at the introductory rate. The turnaround time at that point spiked and the new turn around is for orders received today.

I also found in a comment somewhere that the spot where it says "opening orders received today" applies to the bulk boxes and that's why they started emphasizing to mark the box with the highest grade level so they'll know to pull those cards out. I marked the cardboard around my cards too after reading the complaints. It sounds like everything was left in bulk and they haven't opened that box yet. I sure hope they work it out soon for you.

Throwing this in for S&G:

The fun part will be the grades. They have higher standards than PSA and closer if not higher than Becket. Bulk cards just started hitting the sales markets in the last 3 weeks and people are venting! I bet it takes a year for the sales market to develop and reach a good place for simi-star or vintage cards graded above an 8. Furthermore, the value will be delayed by the new generation grader who never met Becket and are listing all there 9.5 Grades with a $0.99 cent bid, because their local card shop and youtube (flippers) told them eBay was the only price guide!!! Uhg.

So it's going to be an investor and flippers market for a while until everyone learns from mistakes!

Best of luck to you.

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