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PGM Hulk 105

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FINE/VERY FINE. Overstreet says that VF's can only have corner creases that don't break color. Still, it's a beautiful copy.


This book is really nice, on page 197 of overstret CB grading (2nd) you have a DD 156 with small corner fold, very similar to this one, no other big defect,maybe i'm wrong, sorry but i think 7.0 is really to low

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Then IMO (with all respect) you're getting too hung up on the numerical grade, and you've been reading these forums too long. That's a stunning book you have there...enjoy it! thumbsup2.gif


27_laughing.gif...probably...but color breaking creases are a pet peeve of mine...

When I look at the book, all I see is that crease...

I have no problem with an 8.5 or even an 8.0 on certain books as long as they are aesthetically pleasing...

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