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question, and a requests

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was just curious why there is not any 1 shots or mini series sets in the registry?


also why isn't there multiple slots for issues that have multiple covers?


here are some examples, and a request for them to be added to the registry:


medieval spawn witchblade (issue 1 had a couple different covers)

spawn/batman DC War Devils (1 shot)

spawn/batman Image (1 shot)

spawn book of souls (1 shot)

spawn bible (1 shot)

spawn expanded to 100 (6 different covers)

violator (mini series)

image comics summer special 2004 (1 shot)

image zero (1 shot)

legacy of kain soul reaver (1 shot)

bloodrayne - seed of sin (3 different covers)

bloodrayne - skies affire (3 different covers)

bloodrayne RAW (1 shot)

bloodrayne - lycan rex (6 different covers)

bloodrayne - dark soul (5 different covers)

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There aren't any places for oneshots but there are a few mini-series listed.


You bring up a very good point about variant covers. In my opinion, and the way other registries have delt with variants, is to have a separate set that includes all of the variants. In coins, where there is a lot of error coins, I know they have different sets. One set without the error coins and one with the errors. This is because many collectors do not collect the error coins and a registry with all of the errors would not refect the collecting goals of many of the collectors. Of course there are also some collectors who are ultra completionists and have to have every possible variety. They need a place to list their collections too. The same sort of thing has been done with the card registrys too.

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