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Finding point values before adding a comic to a set

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There are two ways to view scores for a comic. You can view scores for all comics eligible for a set or you can view scores for a specific slot within a set.


View Scores for All Comics in a Set


Step 1: Click on a Set Type


Control PanelSetType.JPG


Step 2: Click link for ‘All Comics/Scores in (Set Type)’




To view more details for a specific issue, you can click the link below that issue's score record.




View Scores for a Specific Slot within a Set


Step 1: Click on a Set Name


Control PanelSetName.JPG


Step 2: Click on the Slot Description to find scores for comics eligible for that slot.




*NOTE: If there are not any scores listed and you want to register a graded book to that slot, please note that you will receive an error that states "This comic is not valid for this slot. Please check the slot's list of eligible comic books." This error will also be forwarded to the administration area for resolution. Normally the slot will be created and the comic added within 5-7 business days, though it can take longer during periods of high activity.

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