The test is on, CBCS vs. CGC, Part 3



The results are listed but do I dare look.

Just check my submission of the 4 Gang Busters issues that were graded by CBCS and broken out for a CGC submission. They said they were being shipped so that means the grades are listed online. Do I look or do I wait till they show up at the PO Box before I report back to you people. I've been getting a bad vibe since I saw that the #13 had a trimmed cover. I know I made some predictions of what I was thinking they would come back as and I'll stick to them but now I'm thinking I should have lowered those predictions by half a grade if not a full grade. I still can't believe that CBCS missed a trimmed cover. I would think that being the new player in the game they would try to cover all their bases. Oh well, I did this more to see how the 2 services compared. The books were a cheap buy off from ebay as not to many people were bidding on them.

I don't know what happened but when I try to see what people have replied on the chat boards all I get is a notice that there is a UBB error. Sorry I can't reply to any ?'s you may have put up. Till next time when I will give results.


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